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Filing A Complaint

I've spent countless hours being bounced around like a ping pong ball between Verizon and their insurance partner, Asurion. I've now spoken to 2 people who have said they would call me back and nothing. When the 2nd person said she would call me back, I told her that the previous person also stated the same thing and I got nothing, so I said "please do actually call me back" and she reassured me that she would.

I've also spent hours dealing with Verizon's incompetent social media team exchanging messages that are all documented. Clearly they don't take the time to actually read the issue but rather offer the easiest solution (for themselves). 

This all comes about after I was offered insurance when I took out an additional line in July, and I agreed to take out insurance (on my old line). With the understanding that I'm insured this entire time, my phone recently cracked so I called to take advantage at which point I found out that I had no insurance because apparently it's not possible unless it's open-enrollment. After speaking with Asurion yesterday, I then found out that the insurance was actually deactivated a few days after originally purchasing it (in July) yet nobody thought it was prudent to communicate this to me, falsely leading me to believe I'm insured.  I suspect they realized that a mistake was made and decided to clean it up.

As a long time customer of Verizon, this is truly atrocious and I've taken out countless hours of my life dealing with this. I would like someone from your corporate team to contact me and address this matter as clearly it's impossible to deal with your call center and social media team.