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Filing a complaint!

Hi. I am very upset. I feel like I am being discriminated against and treated unfairly due to where I live in NYC. I ordered FIOS and my new install date was this past Sunday at 8-12, I received a call that due to emergencies and the tech calling out they have to dispatch someone to see me between the hours of 1-3. A Verizon tech came to my house in plain clothing (no uniform) explaining he could not complete the job because there needs to be a contractor to drill into the floor to the basement and needed to reach the super. My fiance was talking to the tech and because the tech can't drill down, but only drill across he would have to come back on Wednesday to complete the job and left my home. At 1:13pm I received a text from Kevin saying that he is on his way and will he be able to safely complete the installation. I said Yes. I tried calling customer service and Spoke with George to ask is someone is coming out and complain because I waited all Sunday for this to happen and it wasn't fair. He told me it was a different department and he would transfer me only to hear a recording that stated calls are accepted Mon - Friday and Saturday. I got on chat and I was just so upset. No one was able to assist me. I called at 9am and got run around except this one representative that said I told the tech to make the change for them to do it on Wednesday. I asked to speak with a manger because the come back date went from Wednesday to December 22 and later. Customer service rep Thomas was the among the last representative I spoke with that was very unprofessional that explained the Manager would only tell me the same thing he was explaining and there is no way for me to speak with a Manager because they are not available today and a Manager would have to call me back and he didn't know when that would be. I was so frustrated that I asked him to cancel the service and he cancelled. I called another number that was given to me during my chat with customer service and spoke with Brenda who was very professional and tried to recreate the order and have someone come to me sooner that the 12/25 install date. She wasn't able to give me the same price the original representative quoted me so she explained a credit will be generated every month $15 for the router charger. Which I couldn't see the credit because the service hasn't been installed yet and she gave me a date of 12/10 which is still late that the date of 12/9 I was told they would give. I called back and spoke with Colette and she was able to move the date from 12/10 to 12/9 and Brenda called me back to confirm that this is all set but what does this all mean? Usually would be a paid day form my fiance was wasted, I feel that in my neighborhood we receive poor service and I witnessed someone that I feel didn't want to do the job because I live in a poor neighborhood and we are a family of color. I have 2 accounts with Verizon and have been a customer of Verizon for over 10 years. I should not be treated as if I'm not a valued customer. I really appreciate Brenda and Colette's efforts for helping me to calm down but this was a very upsetting experience with tears in my eyes. How do I get reimbursed or compensated for my time?