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Filing a formal complaint to Corporate.

I really need to find out how to contact corporate or someone higher who can assist me. On the 18th i placed an upgrade order online for me and my wife. The charge went through for both but one of the phones was placed on hold due to non-payment (even though the payment was processed). From the 18th to the 25th I contact Verizon over 8 times and each rep gave me different answer but ultimately told me to wait until the 25th (the day the phone was expected to arrive). On the 25th the phone doesn't show up so I call Verizon and they tell me they will open a ticket to figure out the problem and to check back in 24 hours. On the 27th I call back and the rep tell me the order was cancelled on the 25th due to non-payment (payment for item was processed). She then helps me place a new order for the device over the phone and call over. An hour later I decided to call back to ensure my address was correct and the rep asked me for which order, this confused me as i knew one of the orders was cancelled but he assured me that there was no cancellation. I explained the situation to the rep and he assured me he was going to cancel the correct order and ensured me I would be refunded. On Tuesday March 28th my device was to arrive, but the UPS tracker showed a delay and moved the arrival date to the 29th. On the 29th the device was delayed to the 30th. On the 30th delayed to the 31st, so i decided to call Verizon to ask what i needed to do to ensure i was to get my package on the 31st because i seen that is was in TX. The rep explained and reassured the item was going to be delivered today (March 31st, 2022). I woke up at 0400 due to a ping from UPS that my item was out for delivery. I checked the location and it was in TX. I waited a few hours because i thought there was an issue with my tacker. I decided to call and figure out what was going on, the rep expressed that there was no concern and he would figure out the cause of the issue. He then placed me on hold and just then my phone pinged, the UPS tracker showed the item was delivered in TX back at the warehouse. The rep comes back on the phone and i relay this information to him to which he expressed that i am confused and i need to be patient. I inform him that the Proof of Delivery was signed in TX and the item was delivered back to the warehouse. He then places me on a 22 minute hold and transfers the call to another department. I was unsure why but the department could not assist so they transferred me back to another agent. 

I explained to Ms. Christina the situation and she was very transparent. The item was cancelled and it shows that there was non-payment. The phone was delivered back at a Verizon Warehouse in TX as someone had placed a return to sender on the package. The order was going to be cancelled and i would have to wait for a refund for the second order and place a THIRD order for a phone. She transferred me to the mobile orders department who told me the complete opposite. The original order was never cancelled it just never went through because of non-payment and that i should not have a payment posted to my account because i never followed through with the first order (payment was posted i received my wife’s upgrade). She then told me that she can "try" to put in a ticket to issue a refund but that it would be best if i contact my bank to handle the situation. She then expressed that i, myself, possibly cancelled the order accidentally (mind you I've paid for this phone now twice), and that there is nothing she can do for me now that my phone is back at the warehouse, but she would update my account and that i should "probably go to a store and place the order in person". Before the call is over she then tells me to wait a few days because a ticket had been opened and there is a possibility that the warehouse will reroute the phone to me... after just telling me that the she cannot have the warehouse will not reship the device. 

There is no transparency with Verizon, they are quick to make sure you pay whatever costs, but a simple device upgrade and a refund is a hassle. Completely unsatisfied and i feel like this is the only outlet that i can express that frustration until i am able to submit a formal complaint to Corporate.

If anyone can help me that would be amazing!!