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***Announcement: Early next week, we’ll be merging the current Fios and Wireless Communities into the all new Verizon Community! Beginning the evening of Sunday 12/4, both Communities will be placed in read-only mode. You’ll still be able to visit the Communities and browse content, but login will be disabled. On the afternoon of Monday 12/5, all users will be able to log into the new Verizon Community. We expect the new Community to be fully functional the morning of Friday 12/9. Additional details can be found in the Announcements board and under Featured Topics!
Fixing Promotional Code - New Customer

So, because Verizon's terrible website, I had to place an order over the phone on 11/30.

The issue I was having with the website was that when I added the 5th line to my account, the trade-in promotions buttons suddenly stopped responding, and I could not get the previously inputted trade ins to show up again.

Called 11/30, placed an order over the phone for 5 lines, 1 line with a BYOD, and 4 with the intention to trade in 4 devices.  Rep asked for IMEI of all phones, confirm that find my iPhone was off on all of them.  3 XS Max's 64gb @ $800 + 1 11pro 64gb @$1000.  The rep placed all of that information into the account, told me all was squared, sent over the invoice, and it was missing the 5th line, and only two of the devices showed device promo credits.  Rep states "Sometimes the way the emails are sent out causes data to be all over the place, but rest assured that all of the information is here".  A few minutes on the phone later, and the rep tells me "I am having trouble getting that 5th line added to the order because the sim card will ship on a different date than the devices".  Sounds fine to me, sim card gets here 12/10.  Phones somehow get to me by 12/9, with the original date being 12/28.

I activate on 12/11.  All is working besides some ridiculousness with the disney+ promo.  See my first bill, and it only has 4 lines, which means its calculated at the wrong price point.  Next bill fixes those issue, so no problem.  I don't expect to see the trade in credits until I trade in the phones.  Fast forward to 12/13, Monday, I am chatting with a rep to get my trade in kit.  Rep asks for submission id, which I never received as I was expecting, according to the rep, to receive a full kit with the phones.  I am forced to call Verizon and after 10 days of trying to reach someone without it hanging up or taking a stupid amount of time to get a call back, i spend 55 minutes on the phone with someone named "Jean" who tells me that the previous rep applied a BOGO deal to my account.  According to BOGO, it means you get one device, and a max of $800 off of an equal or lesser valued device.  

Of course, the math doesn't make sense here.  The rep then tells me that I can get an additional $1000 off since i switched from att.  Except, I am not eligible, my devices are old and paid off.  He is telling me that I should go ahead and process the trade ins on the website which show the MARKET value and that I should "rest assured" that the promotion will still apply.  I need this written out.  I am still within a good time frame to cancel and go back to ATT.  Even if there is a restocking fee, it seems worth it if I can't get something like this fixed.  Can't trust the website to place an order, can't trust the chat or phone reps to fix anything.  I am fortunate to have actually recorded this conversation.

It seems this place might have people more knowledgeable on the issue.

I need 4 trade-in promo kits applied to my account and sent to my home so I can submit my trade in devices.  I need it to say that I am eligible for UP TO $800/$800/$800/$1000 on the devices, because this is the same promo that's available to new customers, which is exactly what I am.  Who am i supposed to speak to?  Phone reps and chat reps don't understand it, and I am not even sure if the store reps are going to care enough to take a look since the sale has already happened.  

Please advise.