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Fradulent Porting of my number

My number was fraudulently ported back to Verizon on 10/16/2020 without my authorization. I was without service for 7 hours while I tried to figure out what happened only to learn my number was reactivated with Verizon and assigned to a SIM card that no one knew the location of.

I've contacted Customer Service and they have no idea how it happened. I had been working with several contacts in the executive relations dept to reactivate a 2nd line on my account but never authorized any changes to my personal number as it was no longer with Verizon. I switched carriers for more personal account 3 months ago.

On Friday I reached out by email to the 3rd Executive Relations contact that's handled my account. I've received no response from anyone. I've spoken with ever dept in Verizon and no one is able to get in contact with Executive Relations or see any notes on my account from them. Customer Service has been great at trying to help but without knowing what Executive Relations is doing and why they are not able to do anything.

The porting of my number without my authorization back to Verizon constitutes fraud and needs to be addressed immediately.