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Fraud or non pay phone (personal not business account)

I bought a phone from walmart promotion where phones have big discounts this February under verizon wireless plan. I told the staff to charge the maximum down payment so I have little monthly fee for the phone but she forgot & only charge me the sales tax. She said I can do it on the verizon app anyway. But weird thing happened is when I opened the account the phone was under prepaid & there was no monthly payment needed to set up. & I have an installment agreement paper from walmart (so they did their part). I tried calling verizon but It was always a drop call or transfer but nobody can help. This phone is actually my husband's, so, what I did since we wanted post paid plan I also purchased a new phone with a different walmart branch & had my new account. Then I added my husband's phone toy account. (So prepaid to postpaid) but it showed that he's phone is fully paid. Tried calling customer service but nobody can help me so I gave up. NOW the problem shows when we were trying to upgrade both phones coz we were both eligible. (Verizon didn't sent me any bill for my husband's phone) it's showing he can't trade in his phone coz it's a NON PAY PHONE OR FRAUD. I called customer service & they transferrede to fraud depr but still no help & dropped calls. I talked to walmart's premium wireless manager & she helped me but they can't see the problem on their end. So she called verizon customer service & fraud dept. We were transfered 5 times without any progress & we had to explain the issue everyte. Pls help! We wanted to rove the phone from fraud list & pay it properly. We aren't stealing it we actually wanted to fix the issue from the very start.. It's tiring to contact & put you on hold & drop the call. We need help. @VZfraud  @Customerservice

Re: Fraud or non pay phone (personal not business account)
Customer Support

We understand your concern regarding the upgrade option for your lines of service. Allow us to gather a few more details to be on the same page. How long was the new phone with Prepaid before you switched it over to a Postpaid account?