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Fraudulant International Charges usiing WhatsApp

I would like to know if anyone in this community is having the same problem as I am.

I am being charged for calls made through WhatsApp, as well as after blocking any type of international calls, they still can go through and being billed for. 

I have contacted Verizon numerous times, was told I would get a call back and the last two times I got no return calls from any leaders.

I am considering filing a class action suit, so let me know if you wish to join me on this.  I know an attorney who has gotten large settlements from companies larger and more prestigious than Verizon.

You can send me an email at [email address removed per the Verizon Terms of Service]

thank you.

Re: Fraudulant International Charges usiing WhatsApp
Sr. Member

That's a Whatsapp / phone problem, not a Verizon one. If you knowingly made international calls, it's not fraudulent.

The problem with Whatsapp and iPhones in particular is that it makes the call using cellular service instead of wifi which causes the international charges. If you want to target the right company, there you go. All Verizon is doing is taking an international call request and connecting you. They aren't the ones who created the app.

For anyone using Whatsapp, make sure you're 100% connected to wifi with wifi assist disabled (iPhone) before making international calls with Whatsapp or it will connect you via cellular tower.