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Fraudulent charges

My son went into the downers Grove Mobile generation store to get his phone repaired the person there couldn’t fix it but but told him since the main person on this account was a long standing and great customer he wanted to give him a jet pack my son said OK would it be anything added to my mothers account he said no so he brought it home never used it never opened it. That was in October 2019, I never really look at my bill I do all my things online so  I looked at my bill in December  and noticed that I was being charged about $15 a month on a number that I had no idea of what it was for. I called the Verizon customer service actually I had a person do a live chat and the person I have have a Jet Pack I signed up for it, I never did I checked with my son he told me about the sales person and I told him to take the thing back which he did December 2019, I thought things were settled but here it is July still happening, I had another live chat with a wonderful customer service person from Verizon, Maria she was amazing she looked at my account and said that I had a jet pack and again I said no I don’t have one she said let me look at your account and she did she said did you take it to the store in December 2019 But they never returned it to the warehouse so you need to check with them to see if they’ve returned to the warehouse until then you will keep in charge for it. So my question is why do I have to chase everyone down? Shouldn’t Verizon do this is their equipment I did my due diligence and I am still being charged for something I do not have in my possession this is so unfair what if they kept it or took it home or sold it to another customer I don’t understand why I have to play like the detective I have been charged $15 from December Of 2019 to today which is August 2020 Verizon is taking fraudulent charges out of my account I think I should take this to the better business bureau.

Re: Fraudulent charges

So sorry to hear the same. Verizon has not resolved my query also. They usually might not offer needed resolution. I am unable to reach out to their top management as well. Their customer care reps won't be able to help because they dont have that kind of authority