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Friends and Family Minutes on OLD Plan NO Longer FREE?

Is anyone else being BILLED for Minutes that until 2 months ago, were FREE if one of 10 Numbers on of your Listed Friends & Family List?

I went from having a $311.00 Monthly Bill for 5 Phones on my old Nationwide TLK&TXT Share 2000 Plan, to being Invoiced over $1,400.00 the past two months...

Each time that I Call, I'm on the Phone with so-called 'Customer Service' for over an hour and eventually they say that they will CREDIT me back the Over-Charge, but to date, they still have NOT Credited all of the Over-Charge from the first Bill...

I'm getting Automated Texts that WARN me about being PAST DUE and also on the 2nd Billing, I'm now seeing LATE FEES...

Because I'm asked a Screener Question now of "If I'm Calling About Charges on My Bill", I'm starting to think that this is a Planned Operation to get me OFF of my old Grandfathered In Unlimited Data Plan...

To date, I have NOT Received ANY Callback from ANY Manager who can assure me WHEN This Over-Billing Issue will be Resolved?

It's simply a matter of Changing the Metering of my Minutes to INCLUDE the 10 Numbers that I have Listed as my Friends & Family...

I only know one other person who is still on this old Unlimited Data/Friends & Family Plan and he is ALSO being OVER-BILLED...

Neither of us want to CHANGE our Plans, so please QUIT ASKING and FIX this Issue...

If not, I will most likely reach out to other Social Media to see who else is experiencing this VERIZON WIRELESS NIGHTMARE 😞

Re: Friends and Family Minutes on OLD Plan NO Longer FREE?
Sr. Member

Either switch to a modern plan that has unlimited minutes or stay within your minute allowance.

The rest of us subscribers don't need data hogs slowing our speeds down.

Re: Friends and Family Minutes on OLD Plan NO Longer FREE?

Hello Carolina Poorboy (Grandfathered User)

I am having the same issue. I just spent 1  1/2  hours on the phone to find out where my 10 Friends & Family lines went because I needed to change some of the numbers. The representative tried convincing me Friends & Family is something else entirely and that only works with Verizon numbers.  I remained calm and told her I meant no disrespect but that she was far too new to the company  to know what friends and family was back in 2006 when I got this plan.

  • To the executives of Verizon...We have been loyal customers all these years.  We have paid our bill every month so not to lose this "Grandfathered Plan."  After 2011 when they stopped offering this plan, a lot of people lost 'the plan' because they got behind on their bill and you disconnected they're service. When they called back with money to pay their bill and have their service re-instated was when they discovered they had to get new (current) plans.  That was very unfortunate for them. But for those of us who continually paid this bill month after month and still have it today entitles us to have it all.  Not just portions of it.  Ten (10) lines of Friends & Family is still part of our plan that we continue to pay for each and every month. I've never seen a reduction in my bill because you omitted part of my plan. I still pay $185/mo. Give us our 10 lines back; you have reneged on our contract by taking it away. I wonder if there are consequences for that?? And you didn't even inform us of it!!

I'm with you Carolina Poorboy on getting it out there on social media or whatever to resolve this issue.