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Frustrated with both store and online experience

Tried to change our plans. Took three visits at store because they are cellular sales, not really Verizon, and are limited in what they can do (despite that Verizon is what’s on the sign). They still flip flopped our plans on the wrong numbers. Called Verizon. Was sent a text to talk to digital asst and hung up on. Digital asst couldn’t help. Finally got a “real agent”. Clearly not from this country. When I asked, I was told they could not disclose where they were from. It was very difficult to make them understand the problem and resolve it. I’m so frustrated with Verizon no longer having their own stores (contracting it, but then limiting what they can do for you), not allowing you to reach a real rep via phone (it’s a dang phone service and you can’t even talk to them by phone!) and forcing me to try to resolve a problem by typing back and forth with someone in another country. Another thing is they advertise a discount with autopay. But they force you to enter your personal checking account info to get it. I’m not comfortable with that. They won’t allow you to use a safer credit card. Misleading advertisement. It should say “auto draft”, not “auto pay”. Auto pay indicates any form of auto payment. Been with Verizon for many years, but they definitely need to listen. Having to beg for customer service is just wrong. 

Re: Frustrated with both store and online experience
Customer Support



Being frustrated with us is the last feeling we want for a long-time customer like you. I'm here to not only save you trips to the store but ensure you're able to brag about our customer service, so let's turn this experience into a positive one.


First, regarding our stores, the link here ( - * Verizon Company Store & † Authorized Retailer) will allow you to check on the closest corporate locations that are Verizon owned. There are a fair amount of Authorized Retailers, but we certainly have a lot of corporate stores as well, so feel free to check out the link and see what store is closest to you. 


Secondly, I know you mentioned Auto Pay and having to use your checking account. I can understand not wanting to disclose this information, even though our site is super secure. Now, to get the discount, you must use a debit card or a bank account as your automatic payment method (credit cards can't be used). Question #1 within the link here ( will be the best reference. So, your debit card that's linked to the checking account will work just fine. 


Lastly, I want to ensure your plan change has been updated and you're on the desired plan you originally reached out about. If you're still in need of a plan change, and you're not able to get this done through your My Verizon account plan change page here (, let us know, and we'll proceed accordingly. 


Oh, I almost forgot, you also were having trouble getting in touch with us, and I do apologize for that, as I know wait times have been higher than normal lately. We're available in many platforms, shown here ( Within that same link, you can even schedule a callback so you don't have to wait on hold. Just scroll down a bit on the page, and you'll see that as an option. 


I hope this helps ease your concerns, and let us know what questions you have about any of this information.