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Get More Unlimited 75 gb to 50 gb

I ordered new phones December 26. One is on backorder, the other isn't. I signed into My Verizon to see why I hadn't received a shipment notification for the one phone. When I was doing that, I noticed the Get More Unlimited Plan changed from the 75 gb throttle limit I originally signed up for to 50 gb (I use more than 50 gb each month, but less then 75 gb)

I called Verizon. I asked the rep if she knew which version plan I was on and if I could get the old version back. She thought I was asking for the old Nationwide Unlimited Plan back I had in 2007 through 2020. No matter how I described it she didn't understand the More Everything differences. In the beginning of the call she also had no record that I had ordered phones, even with my confirmation email that includes an order and location number. Because of this I asked to escalate and unfortunately am waiting on a call back (I know how that works, but I at least worked in a Verizon call center where reps now all work from home). While I used to work for corporate Verizon Wireless Customer Service (for nearly four years), I have questions...

1) Is there a way to see what my throttle limit is on my account in My Verizon? Is there a way for a rep to see it in ACSS?

2) I bought the phones December 26. My cycle ends in a couple days. Is it possible to backdate the old throttle limit plan in ACSS before the cycle? If the answer is no, does me returning/cancelling the phones change that answer (since apparently I never ordered the phones even though I did)? I know getting back the old Nationwide plans was impossible for reps, just wondering if it is that hard for the Get More Unlimited 75 gb plan.

At this point I don't want the phones if the highest throttle limit option I have is 50 gb.

I am referencing the change referenced on this post...

Re: Get More Unlimited 75 gb to 50 gb
Customer Support

We definitely want to ensure you always have the right options for your needs and clear information to help you come to the right conclusions. I apologize for the experience. I can confirm that the Get More Unlimited plan you had would have offered 75GB before network prioritization occurs when in a congested area. The latest plan is called Get More Unlimited 5G UW and has the 50GB prioritization point. Please consider this is not a straight throttle where it lowers your speeds. The prioritization only occurs at times of congestion and just queues the priority behind other users. You are still moving but merging into traffic a little differently. If selecting a 5G device the plan would have to be updated to the latest option. If it is better for your needs we can discuss any options to cancel the order.     -Yale