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Ginormous Cluster Yuck - Plan upgrades, trade-ins, etc...

I have four lines on my account. One in WA, the rest are used in WI. The three folks went into a local authorized reseller store (in lieu of driving 40 miles out of their way) to trade-in their S8s. All of them were paid off, all of them were being traded in under $800 promo for trade in to get new phone on unlimited plan. None of the new phones were in stock, and the sales guy waived all kinds of stuff - a $50 fee for that, $35 activation fee... and they were to be given the trade in promo when the phones did arrive. Apparently that sales guy did it all wrong so the manager claimed to fix everything but it was even bigger of a mess. 

I ordered my line online, and the process was less messed up, but still not perfect. My phone didn't get close to the $800 promo credit despite being in perfect working order. My $50 device dollars have disappeared and I don't see anywhere that the separate payment I made of the taxes didn't get tacked on to another bill. 

My monthly bills went as follows: 

July $169.88

August $292.11

September $357.61

October (estimate) $182.37

November (estimate) $205.70


Apparently my bill will be in the $205 a month range, but there is nothing cheaper about the switching to an unlimited plan, and trading in phones for credit that should wipe out a new phone. Oh and we all paid for taxes on our phones at purchase so aside of the $35 activation, I'm not sure what should have made for the increase except for plan change - which was supposed to save me money. 

Worst experience, ever. 

Re: Ginormous Cluster Yuck - Plan upgrades, trade-ins, etc...
Customer Support

This is far from the experience we want for you and your family when going with new devices, 12srf12. Allow us to take a closer look into your account and billing concerns. I've sent you a Private Note. Please reply at your earliest convenience. 


Re: Ginormous Cluster Yuck - Plan upgrades, trade-ins, etc...
  • While i cannot provide much help or advice regarding your issue, i do belive that the trade in credit you are talking about is an " up to that amount" kind of credit. So factoring in these 2 things: the age of the phone && just normal wear and tear, and then doing just a quick search on google for Used S8 prices, im gonna guess you would be lucky to get even half of the promo trade-in amount. Im not sire how much they gave you but i wouldnt expect or think that they wouldn't give more than maybe $200 for it. Used pricing i saw at just a quick glance ranged from minimum $70 to maximum like $130.

And just from past experience, they dont give the trade in credit all at once unless its changed since 2016, the split it up into monthly credits that go till the new phone is paid off. 


Good luck!!!

Re: Ginormous Cluster Yuck - Plan upgrades, trade-ins, etc...

I appreciate the reply. I'm working behind the scenes to see if I can get it figured out. I 100% understand the up to $x amount situation. 

If anything, when I articulated the reply to the person who sent me a message, I started to realize what was going on and how things were documented. It's still really ugly to look at.