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GrandFathered plan Got messed up by customer service Rep

My hotspot was working pretty good up until Friday evening. When I had tried to use it, I would get an error message that stated: Tethering An error has occurred when activating this functionality. Please try again later.* This phone is an Lg V10, i use it because of the removable battery. This phone is my everyday usage phone for what i had needed it for. I tried everything, and even a factory reset and i still had the problem. So i thought maybe the phone is bad, let me try my other phone which is an Lg v60 thinQ 5G uw.  So i put my sim card in it and i still was getting the error message even on this one. So now i know that it wasn't my phones, then it had to be something in verizon's system, maybe a bug or computer glitch that messes with my grandfathered plan. This had happened before, maybe several years (4+) back and it was resolved.

So I schedule a call and i get a rep that took me through a lot of steps all of which i had tried but was unsuccessful in getting it to work. So the 1st rep passed the ball to another rep. Now 2nd rep was pretty cool and calm and very much worked with me to get it working. We had tried many things but was unsuccessful. So the method that did work was that he removed the unlimited 4g hotspot from the plan, I tried my hotspot and then reset my phone, then he added (unlimited 4g hotspot) it back, i tried it to see if it would work, then reset my phone and it had worked. So It had worked for my Lg v60 and i thought all was well. I was happy, he was happy, I was glad that the ordeal was over. I had spent maybe up to 2 hours + on the phone at this moment. He noted that he was going to put this in my file in case it happened in the future and that he was going to add it to the forum.

Now this is where everything went downhill. So, I inserted my sim back into my v10 which is the phone that i normally use. I tried to activate my hotspot and the error message popped back up. I'm like "not again". So I contacted customer server again and the rep that i got, I explained to her the issue and the steps that me and another rep had taken to get it to work. I had told her specifically what me and the other rep had done to get it to work, but she wanted to try things her way. Now trying things her way are pretty much the same steps that previously didnt work. So I was patient and just let it play out, so that we can do what was successful and be done. After about 2 hours of holding and telling her it dont work, then she agrees to try it the way that i prescribed at the beginning.

As we are going through the steps and we are now maybe 1 step into being doing, she runs into a hiccup (problem). She says that the system wont allow her to add it back. You can imagine that anguish and dissatisfaction that i'm feeling at the moment. So I wait some more because she has to get in touch with a supervisor to see if they can fix it. So she gets on the phone and says that she cant do anything and that she put in a form to have my account restored because we were trying to fix one problem which ultimately created another. She said that she was going to put me on another plan which would be temporary until my account can get fixed. She said that it would take a couple of days. This happened Saturday and here it is Thursday. I have been a verizon customer for 20+ years. Where i stay we dont have access to pretty much no internet, and my grandfathered plan was a Godsend.

So today i am going to contact customer service to see if anything is being done. This plan that they have got me on isnt for me. Hopefully the steps that the 2nd rep did that were successful in getting my hotspot to work will work for others that may go through this. I think it's something in the system that affects the grandfathered plans.

The steps that we did are as follow.   

#1 He removed it from my plan

#2 I verified that it wasn't working or removed

#3 I reset my phone, and then verified that it wasn't working

#4 He added it back

#5 I verified that it was or wasn't working, and then i reset my phone

#6 I verified that it was or wasnt working----------(My Hotspot was working)