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Has anyone else dealt with a five month long Verizon issue where no one has called back on?

Like my title says, I've been dealing with an issue that a Verizon rep created on November 18, 2020.

Since then, I've talked to over 10 Verizon reps on the phone and 3 Verizon managers who always blame the rep before them and explain what they're going to do but never do. The last manager I spoke with was the only manager in 4 months who "explained" what happened and the only one who actually did anything while I was on the phone on the account and thought that this was it and this issue was going to be fixed - wrong. This is going to be a very lengthy post and I'm at my wits' end because like I mentioned, NO ONE FROM VERIZON HAS BOTHERED TO CALL ME during these four months (almost five months) to see if everything has been corrected. Every of the 10+ calls I've made are at minimum an hour long where I've had to explain multiple, multiple, multiple, multiple, multiple times my issues and wasted my time as this issue is still there.

I wanted to upgrade from my already paid in full and upgrade eligible iPhone X to an iPhone SE 2020 because of the ease of unlocking the phone with Touch ID. I've upgraded my line plenty of times before, nothing has changed on the account, I am an Account Manager. At the time of upgrading online, it wasn't allowing me because I apparently was not an Account Manager. Chatted with Rose on the online chat who proceeded to tell me that I couldn't do an upgrade without the Account Owner - even if I was an Account Manager. They're the experts so I said sure, let's go with that. I then called and another rep explained to me the same thing, that I needed an Account Manager but after talking with him, I'm not sure if he realized what he had mentioned to me was incorrected but then stated that he would be able to submit the upgrade order online for me. Whatever, I'm ok with that. Before submitting the order, I asked if the store he was sending it to was open multiple times, "Yes". Once everything went through, I waited and waited for a text or email saying the phone was ready for pickup. I then decided to check one more time the store he sent it to - Closed. The rep was correct in telling me the store was still open, but didn't check that it would only be open for another 6 minutes. I call again, explain the situation and the rep who was trying to be helpful informed me that if I wanted to pickup the phone today, that they would need to create a new upgrade order but for a different upgrade eligible line on the account as they couldn't cancel my order. (The reason I needed the phone ASAP is due to my phone not taking incoming calls and had a family emergency where the Account Owner was in the hospital with COVID and they're 9 hours away so I needed a working phone that was accepting all incoming calls). I said yes, let's do it and I'll deal with fixing the account later. Catch is, the only store in my city with the phone in stock was on the east-side of town which is over 10 miles from me. I said yes. So I finally receive the notification that the phone is ready, drive to the other side of town, get down, they find the phone but then have issues where it wasn't matching with the phone on the order online. By this point, I'd already been charged taxes and upgrade fees twice. The rep again did try to help but after speaking with a tech on the phone, the only way I could leave with a new phone would be canceling the second order and having them charge me taxes and upgrade fees a third time. No. So I drive back home with no phone and having paid twice to Verizon. I ended up upgrading at Best Buy but still through Verizon as they were giving me more for my upgrade and not the same runaround. I get home, and what do you know, the phone turned on but with the sim card I was given, it was showing the wrong phone number. I then drive to the nearest Verizon store and got that corrected. fast forward a couple of weeks and calls later, turns out we're being charged an extra phone that no one ever picked up - the very first order. After a couple of calls and speaking with the first of the three managers, it turns out that for some reason the order never cancelled itself out because something about a contract not being signed - obviously as I never picked up that order because it was incorrect. She tried cancelling that agreement but turns out the only way to cancel is for me to drive to that store and cancel it in person. This store is now on the north-east side of town, further than the other store I went to. OK, sure, you're the expert. So there I go, 30 minutes and I arrive. I get down and the rep tells me that there's nothing that I needed to sign or cancel that whatever was done would cancel and refund me in x amount of days. Containing my frustration, I say ok and go home. Days pass, a week passes, order is still there, refund is not, and we've had to make a bill payment which also went towards a phone that again, no one picked up. So we were paying for a phone we didn't have. Call again a couple of days later and explain to the rep that I needed to speak with a manager and in trying to de-escalate the situation explained to me that the manager I spoke with was incorrect and I did not need to do anything. What they had to do was a device buyout and she did explain to me what that entailed and that I was going to see a charge on the account for the amount of the device. Only thing is that it would take until next billing cycle. SURE. As by that point she was the only rep who tried assisting me, I took her word for it. Come next billing cycle, no device buyout, still have the device showing up on the account. Call AGAIN, explained that I needed to speak to a manager. Got a manager who then told me that device buyout was not the way to go. That in order to protect Verizon, he needed to contact that location to see why the device hadn't cancelled the order and make sure that it was still at the location. I GUESS. We're in February at this point, again no one has called me to check on the status or tell me the status on all these calls that i've made. I do have Verizon's call filter and thought that might be what was causing this but the second manager I spoke with, our call disconnected and he called me back without any issues and it did come through, so that was not, if anyone actually called back, a reason why I hadn't received their calls. Again, waiting until next cycle and same. Nothing has changed. CALL AGAIN and the third manager I spoke with was the only one who explained what he needed to do and actually did while having me on the line. Finally, my line was showing that I had upgraded while the Account Owner's line showed that he was eligible for an upgrade and did the device buyout. By this point, I had told the second manager we were not going to make any payments until we figured this out because we are not paying for something we didn't have. The manager then told me to make the usual payment of what we're used to paying. Ok, we can do that. The third manager saw that and made whatever adjustments he needed to. Come April, everything looked ok it seemed on the account and stupidly decided to continue our business with Verizon and proceeded to upgrade the Account Owner's line and two Watch upgrades. That went ok but I just needed to go in store to return my old Watch in order to complete the trade-in agreement but on that day, our bill shot up from $400 (including the upgrades we did which we understood) to almost $700. Went to the store and explained everything to the rep and apologized on behalf of Verizon and told me he would speak to his manager and call me the next day. The only one out of 4 months of talking with Verizon who called me back and sent me screenshots of a "inconvenience" credit being applied and that the account should be corrected. OK. So we made our payment for month but as soon as we make the payment, we see a "Balance Due" notification on the account....after making the payment of about $300. What is this and why wasn't it part of the bill we just paid? No one on the account will be paying any of the balance due on the account and at this point, with all the terrible and unacceptable Verizon support, I challenge Verizon to give me a call and try explaining this to me. Challenge because it looks like calling customers back is out of their customer service policies. Also, IF anyone calls me back, I would also like to know what the charges would be to remove every line on the account (4 voice and 3 smart watches) because we will not be paying to receive this kind of support and want to know those charges so we can tell the next carrier who will be purchasing us out of the contract. Thank you for almost five months of headaches and wasting my time, Verizon.

Re: Has anyone else dealt with a five month long Verizon issue where no one has called back on?
Customer Support

Hello, sfrodriguez2. We appreciate all the details you have shared about the order issue and the trouble you have been experiencing getting help. This is not the kind of experience we want for our customers, and would hate to see you leave because of this. Was the device payment buyout credited in full, or are there other charges that have occurred because of this order issue?   CassieG_VZW