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Help - Wireless linked to old Fios account

I have spent over 10 hours being bounced back and forth between wireless and fios reps and no one will actually help me. 


I had a mobile and fios account linked using verizon one id and mobile + home rewards. In order to update the ownership name on my fios account, I was guided to create a new account and that nothing about my bill would change. This was false! Now my wireless account is linked to my old de-activated fios account. Not only did this remove the mobile + home rewards I was receiving, but blocks me from enrolling in the new mobile + home discounts as well. Not to mention that the mobile + home rewards I was receiving are ineligible for new enrollments, which clearly would change my bill.

Fios caused this issue and now neither fios nor mobile will fix it. I have seen others post about this issue as well. It is clearly a missing step before forcing someone to create a new account - all should be advised to unlink verizon one id and mobile + home. 

Please help me with this. I have been a verizon customer for almost 20 years. This is so frustrating.