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Here we go yet again !

I am returning to say, as if my service in Port Saint Lucie was not bad enough , it just got worse ! Countless hours on tech calls , and this week has hit the bottom of the barrel ! I challenge Verizon to step up and be the best that they can be , please don't tell me what you are ,prove it ! Please give our area the same service that you give others . I have been a customer over 10 years ,you don't have to chase me down for a payment . I tell you over and over what a stellar customer service department you have ! Please return the favor by putting up a tower that is able to accommodate the several hundred thousands of users in the Becker Road area of Port Saint Lucie Fl. This week has been a nightmare , talking on my phone has been impossible , multiple dropped calls , I'm unable to converse with people , because I am unable to hear them . Verizon 'CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW ?' Texts are now being effected as well . We have a projected 200,00 thousand new home being built and we are still running on 3G  . Yes I have turned the wifi calling feature on and that has been struggling as well . Do your customers in this area not deserve to receive what we have faithfully paid for ? No it doesn't matter , inside, outside , several miles down the road no service . The employees at our Publix are leaving this company left and right . Discounts don't matter if you have no service . I myself am looking elsewhere , I am talking to people in my neighborhood to see who has reliable network service . Please , I have been patient and kind . I really need this company to step up to the plate and give me the service that I had prior to 2008 . Yes you read that correctly 2008 , I had hopes when the Tech department said they were in the process of solving the tower issue .... this is 2020 . I will repeat why would I even consider a 5 G phone when I rarely even see 4GLTE ? BTW my husband has the new Samsung ultra 20+ , he experiences the exact same issues . Not the phone but the service . Be honorable , fix the problem !  

Thank you 

Re: Here we go yet again !
Sr. Member

Verizon isn't a utility company, you can switch if it's gotten this bad. If you have this level of service, why would you continue especially if a house is being built?

Not intending to be rude, it's a serious inquiry. Cell phone companies and loyalty is a silly concept. Go with whoever gives the best service where you live.

Re: Here we go yet again !
Customer Support

silvas, getting the best service possible is absolutely a must and we are here to help. So we can begin, please send us a Private Note. JoseL_VZW