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Horrible Customer Service In Store Experience...

I would like to file a complaint about horrible customer service at a store in Henderson, NV and can not find an email address for customer service.  All my searches come up with a phone number and that's just not good enough.  

The District Manager and Store Manager for the Verizon store located at 1000 N. Green Valley Pkwy #400, Henderson, NV 89074 need to be made aware that the staff at the store, specifically Reese, does not know how to do his job and instead of apologizing for his mistake he insulted me and made his mistake my fault.  

On February 7, 2020, I went into the store to make a cash payment towards my account.  I had a payment arrangement of $220 due on February 10, 2020, at the time my current account balance was $627.49.  Therefore I asked to pay $227.49 ahead of my scheduled payment and a little towards the currently.  I gave Reese, $300.49, but he put in the system that I was giving him the exact amount of $227.49, he did this without even looking at the cash sitting on the counter.  Okay no big deal, he grabbed a calculator to figure out my change and there was other associates to witness my transaction.  At the time Reese did not offer me a receipt and I did not realize it until I had already left the store.  I did not go back for a receipt because I was already on the road to work.  

On February 13, 2020, I logged in to my Verizon account to set up another payment arrangement for the remaining balance of $400 before I left town on February 14th for work.  I was shocked and upset to find out my account balance was $6227.49 and past due!  The payment of $227.49 was not posted and I had no receipt to prove I had made a payment.  I was heated.  I called customer service and their was nothing the representative could do for me over the phone because as she stated I made the payment in store and nothing was posted to my account.  I drove to the store while I was on the phone with customer service at the same time.  

When I walked in Reese was standing behind the counter and yes I was mad and my voice was at a high pitch when I told him that he messed up up and needed to correct his mistake IMMEDIATELY.  I said You didn't give me a receipt as proof of my payment and that it wasn't posted correctly to my account.  He said in a whisper "Oh well our printer was down on Friday and is still down."  As Reese was pulling up my account, he said to me, "You don't need to yell, I don't have to help you, but I am trying to help you here, unless you don't want me too."  Reese did not even know what he needed to do to correct his mistake, because he had to look to another associate to help him.  He never even explained to me what he did wrong, he NEVER apologized or offered an apology.  Instead he made me feel like it was my fault he made a mistake and that he was going out of his way to help me correct his mistake.  This made me want to lose it more, but I held back.  There was another customer in store and I apologized to her for interrupting her service and for raising my voice, but I was upset and had a right to be.  Reese made a mistake and didn't care that he did.  

I said I wanted a receipt and Reese said well our printer is down so we can't give you one.  So I said I wanted a photo of their computer screen as proof of my transaction.  Which was now late!  Instead of my payment being posted early on February 7th, ahead of my due date of February 10th, it did not post until February 13th.  Reese and the other associate pulled the computer screen up to the counter for me to take a photo.  As I was leaving the store Reese said "You know you can make payments online so you don't even have to deal with us or come into the store."   Again he NEVER apologized for his mistake and again made me feel like it was all my fault and that he was going out of his way to do me a favor to fix his mistake.  

I have NEVER had an associate at any store treat me so horribly and poorly as Reese did.  His attitude and lack of care of customers is completely unacceptable.  Reese represents Verizon and has made it clear to me that Verizon does not care about their customers.  Which further evidented by lack of email address to file or write in customer complaints too.  I would have liked to handle this privately, but since Verizon does not offer an option to do so, I want other customers to be aware to AVOID this Verizon location in Henderson, NV, again the address is 1000 N. Green Valley Pkwy #400, Henderson, NV 89074.  The associates here will treat you like they are doing a favor for you, not as a valued customer.  Sincerely, Melissa

Re: Horrible Customer Service In Store Experience...

The store you visited wasn't a corporate store. It was a third party retailer, Go Wireless. Any complaints about that store should be directed to their corporate offices.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Horrible Customer Service In Store Experience...
Sr. Member

This is a customer to customer forum, you're complaining to other customers. As Ann pointed out, you went to a 3rd party store. If you don't know what the difference is, it's like ordering an iPhone from Apple vs ordering the same model on eBay.

Unless you only had the cash, you really shouldn't be going to stores to make a payment vs using your My Verizon account.