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Horrible Customer Service

I don't know where to start. This horrible customer service has been going on for years! From sending Xmas gifts after Xmas, to which I was promised multiple times it would arrive on time to changing my mobile plan with out my authorization!!    And to top of this off, you can NEVER get a human on the phone! . Its so frustrating, I just ordered an upgrade via the chat from a BENNY, he completed the order and unknown to me he changed my plan (second time Verizon did this), he added a data plan with out telling me!  I knew the price of the phone was a little good to be true. This is the garbage they try an pull on you. To top it off, I tried to immediately  cancel the order!!  With in minutes of the order, after  receiving a confirming e mail showing my plan had changed. I could not get anyone on the phone Chat etc!  The lack of service for such a large Company is astounding,  I can definitely  hum back that horrible music  they  play as you wait on the phone for an hour. I have four lines and Fios and a land line!  I need to get out! its just a matter of getting my act  together with a t mobile or AT&T and swatch over #s and e mails...I have lost all patience.

Re: Horrible Customer Service
Sr. Member

That's on you if a Christmas gift arrives late for not planning it out. Even quick services like Amazon Prime can deliver late if you wait too long.

Trusting chat seldom ends well. If my service wasn't inexpensive for my portion, I'd have left based on Verizon's excuse for chat support. In my case, it was something I couldn't do self serve, your case you could have ordered without needing to talk to someone.

If your patience is low, learn how to do things yourself so you don't need to call or use chat.

Re: Horrible Customer Service

Do you work for Verizon? On every post you want to somehow blame the customer instead of Verizon. You really need to get over yourself and not comment at all. Verizon is paid for their services!! They don’t not give us anything for free troll.