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How Verizon Customer Service ruined my Memorial day

It seemed simple. I received two Verizon offers. 1) upgrade i phone 11 to i phone 13 for free. Just pay off balance. 2) upgrade to unlimited plan save $40 for senior discount. Ok, we have to lines let's do it.

I see Chat with us. So I did. About an hour later  my order was finally placed. My forms were signed, and my Amex was charged $500. Great. Not so quick. The agent made a mistake, and my phones would not be shipped. I was supposed to drive from New Jersey to New York to pick them up. This was a 80 mile round trip with $25 in tolls (not counting gas).

The agent tells me this was his mistake, but he can't correct it. I must phone customer service. I called customer service, and for the next two hours tried to correct it. Nothing could be done.

I asked for a supervisor. I was on hold for another 30 minutes before I was told none were available. I give up. Now as I sit down for dinner the phone  rings. It is the supervisor. We talk for another 30 minutes. He can't fix it until the program updates.

Ok. 24 hours later. No updates. My incorrect order is still only partially cancelled. I still have a $500 charge that was not reversed. I also see a phone under my trade in devices (i phone 😎 that I never owned.

In conclusion, 5 hours of time wasted on Memorial Day, Interrupted dinner, I'm out $500 and I still have my old phones and my old plan. Thanks Verizon for ruining my Holiday!!!!

Re: How Verizon Customer Service ruined my Memorial day
Customer Support

We're disappointed to learn of your experience, 2bigtofail. This is definitely not how we wanted you to spend your holiday. I'm glad to hear you were able to work with a supervisor regarding the order. Once an order is canceled, it can take five to seven business days for the refund to be processed.With Monday being a holiday, I'm confident you will see your refund within the next few days.  -Danielle