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How can I complain to corporate?

I have had several issues upgrading my phone with Verizon Wireless. I have spoken to numerous representatives who all tell me something entirely different. 

I am becoming extremely frustrated with Verizon Wireless. On April 16, 2020 I placed an order for an iPhone 11 Pro Max 256 GB in Silver. I selected the option to trade in my Iphone 7 Plus 128 GB in Black that I currently have so that I could get an instant credit of $130 towards the new iphone 11 pro max. I selected the option to pick up the phone SAME DAY at a location near me. I received an email confirming that I had placed the order. The confirmation email said that I would be told when my phone was ready to be picked up, but, I never received any emails thereafter. I have chatted with NUMEROUS representatives via Facebook, Verizon Wireless Website, and over the phone and each one has told me something entirely different. My family has been loyal customers of Verizon Wireless for as long as I can remember and this is just ridiculous. There is absolutely no reason as to why it should be so hard for me to upgrade my phone when I am elligible for an upgrade. I spoke with yet another rep last night who told me that the original order would be deleted and today, I would be able to simply go online and re-order the phone to be shipped to my house and that I would be able to trade in my old phone. This never happened and as I look at my account right now, it shows that there is a pending change in place and I am unable to make changes at this time (this message has appeared on my screen for days now and I am not allowed to cancel the order my self). This is completely an error on Verizon's part because 1. my phone order never even arrived/was available at the store to be picked up and after that 72 hours. 2. I never even got any email that my order was ready to be picked up and when I called the store, the manager there told me that he had NOTHING in line to be picked up for ANYONE. 3. I was told that orders that aren't picked up within that 72 hour window are automatically cancelled - how can I pick up an order that was never even there in the first place? 4. My account now says that my line  is not eligible for upgrade until 2022 but I never even got the upgrade. 5. My account also says "your order is ready to pick up" but shows an iphone 7 plus in black which is the completely wrong phone (it is the one I currently have) why would I purchase the same exact phone over again? I am extremely tired of speaking with different representatives and being told completely different things. Someone needs to assist me immediately and make the proper changes to my account, or I will be switching phone companies entirely. I currently have an iPhone 7 plus in black that I purchased between 2 and 2.5 years ago that is due for upgrade and I need to purchase an iphone 11 pro max to be shipped to my house. I want to trade in the iphone 7 plus in order to receive credit toward the iphone 11 pro max.

Re: How can I complain to corporate?
Customer Support

We're sorry to hear that you've had such a hard time, emilyhotz. Please send us a Private Message and we will take a closer look for you.  CecileC_VZW