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How can I get Customer Care Agent to call me back?

On Sept. 11, 2017, I began to have issues with my iPhone 6. I was missing calls. Apps would open and close. The phone would power off suddenly. It was on the fritz. After trouble shooting, including a reset, Verizon Tech Support (NOT ASURION) decided to ship me a new refurbished phone PER MY WARRANTY.

I receive the new refurbished iPhone 6 on Friday, Sept 15. Later that evening, I traveled to LAS VEGAS. When I arrived in Las Vegas, I was disappointed to find that the refurbished iPhone 6 did not work. It did not connect cell service. So I was stranded at the Las Vegas airport without a working phone. I could not use Uber to get to my hotel.  I had to use a cab, which was much more costly.

I could not believe I was sent a defective phone. I tried to reset/reboot. All the things I did with my previous iPhone 6, to no avail. Luckily, I could still use the Wifi on the phone, but no service, no phone calls.

While at at event for work on Saturday, I spoke to a Verizon Tech Support Agent (and this should all be confirmed via notes on my account). I explained to the agent, I thought it was extremely odd to be sent a defective phone from Verizon. I mean, what are the chances? So I thought, perhaps it was the SIM card that was defective. Since I was using the same SIM card. This was me trying to troubleshoot on my own.

The Verizon Agent texted me the location of a Verizon Wireless store in Las Vegas where I could go and get a free SIM card. I asked, “Is it open until 9PM?” She said, yes. I took a $50 cab ride (because I could not use Uber) to the Verizon Store that she text me about. The store was CLOSED. This was very disappointing and upsetting. So I was forced to spend another $50 cab ride to get back to my hotel, still without a working cell phone in Las Vegas. I could not believe I was sent such incorrect information.

When I arrived back home to LOS ANGELES on Monday, I called Verizon during a break from work to ask for a new phone – to replace the defective phone I was sent. A Verizon Agent told me that I needed to call Asurion. I explained I received the phone was Verizon Warranty and the advice did not make sense to me. Why would I call Asurion for this? VERIZON WARRANTY sent me this defective phone, so Verizon Warranty should replace it. Not Asurion. This was common sense to me. But the Verizon Agent did not agree. This was very disappointing and upsetting. Again, being given incorrect information.

I called Verizon back on Tuesday (9/19) when I had a break from work. Again, losing time and money to deal with this issue that should have been resolved a week ago. I was told the same thing: I needed to call Asurion. I knew the Verizon Agent was wrong again -- as they had been so many times. I was getting used it. Again, this was very disappointing and upsetting. And there was nothing I could do.

I called again. The call was dropped. And I never received a phone call back. I was done for that day.

Finally, on Wed 9/20, I spoke to someone who resolved this issue (they recognized the error the two agents had made before). I explained that I needed a new phone, not a refurbished one to solve this issue. The refurbished phone they sent me was defective, so I wanted a new phone to prevent this from happening again. It was the least they could do to make things right. I explained my situation with an analogy. Imagine going to a doctor because you have a rash. And the doctor gives you a cream to treat it. But the cream makes it worse. You go back to the doctor and he offers the SAME cream to treat the rash. Why would you take it? I wanted a different solution. I wanted a NEW phone. Not a refurbished on. And aside from my new phone request, I needed to speak with management about how I had been treated the past week.

Moments later, I spoke to KATHLEEN in CUSTOMER CARE. She gave me her [Removed]. She listened to my long story. I explained to her how:

  • Verizon wireless sent me a defective phone -- which left me stranded in Las Vegas -- without a working phone.
  • The cost of using cabs vs. Uber because of this.
  • Being sent to a Verizon store that was closed.
  • Being told TWICE wrong information -- that I needed to call Asurion to resolve my issue.
  • Dropped calls that Verizon Tech Support does not return.
  • Plus, all this time and energy and money lost on the phone dealing with Verizon Tech support.

Kathleen agreed I had been treated unfairly and  said I would be awarded $275 credit (after first offering me $75 which was insulting) and a new iPhone 6s Plus. But there was a catch: the new iPhone 6s Plus could only be shipped out when the old defective phones were received by Verizon. I thought this was fair. She said she would call me back on Saturday Sept. 23rd to follow up.

Saturday arrived and I NEVER received a call from Kathleen. This was very disappointing and upsetting. I could not believe after all the misinformation, the broken promises, even the Customer Care agent who was trying to make it all right would not return my call.

I have called Verizon 3 times over the past week, trying to get in touch. I even left a message with an agent who was going to send a message to Kathleen’s supervisor to get in touch with me.

I have been dealing with this unresolved issue for ONE MONTH now. I have been a customer for over 15 years. Why is this happening? I agreed what would make things right. The credits and the new Phone. This has not been made right. I feel bamboozled by this company. I do not know what else to do and on the verge of cancelling this service. Please help me resolve this issue.

personal information removed as required by the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service

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Re: How can I get Customer Care Agent to call me back?
Verizon Employee


This is not the experience I want for you. I value your time and have sent you a Private Message.


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Re: How can I get Customer Care Agent to call me back?

i want to talk about upgrade phone

Re: How can I get Customer Care Agent to call me back?

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