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How do I change the bank associated with receiving my ebill?

I'm trying to setup my bank account to receive ebills from Verizon, but whenever I try I receive the following message, "This account number is already active for e-bills. E-bills can only be associated with one user name."  I've looked all over my account but cannot find where to change this information.

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Re: How do I change the bank associated with receiving my ebill?
Customer Support

JLoope Let's figure out how to update your banking information for ebilling. Since the message is indicating that you already have an account active for ebills, is there a section where you delete the current information? 

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Re: How do I change the bank associated with receiving my ebill?

I was enrolled in Ebills at an old checking account for several years.

A couple of months ago I switched to a new bank and checking account.

Before I left the old account I deleted all the bill payees from their online bill paying system. This included Verizon where I was enrolled in ebills.

I tried to enroll in ebills at my new account and it says I am already enrolled and can't enroll again.

Chatting with Verizon tech support they sent me to a link where my option were either get paper mail bills or enroll for auto payment which requires giving Verizon a check account number or a debit card. I am not willing to do either.

I did try switching to paper bills hoping this would clear out the already enrolled in ebills block, but what happened instead was they raised my bill $50 a month because I'd lost the autopay discount.

Last time around (I have spent literally hours on these chats with clueless tech support people) they switched me to paperless billing. I get my bills by email now. That's not what I want either.

I want ebills at my new account like I had on my old account. The bill goes to my bank. When I pay it (it can be set up to autopay) the payment goes directly from my bank to Verizon.

My Comcast ebills transferred with no problem. What's the problem Verizon?

If I can't get this resolved before my next payment in May (and I am not paying the extra $50) I am leaving Verizon.

Hope this message gets to somebody who cares and who can do something about the problem.