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How do I report harassing and harmful behavior by a Verizon employee

Good Evening, 

This evening I visited a store in West Wichita (620 S West Street, Wichita, KS 67213), along with my 19 year old daughter and husband, to purchase a new phone and add my daughter to my account.  I put my name in with the initial sales associate and was told there was a short wait.  Approximately 20 minutes later I was approached by someone claiming to be the store manager (I couldn't read his name tag) and as I was explaining why I was visiting the store this person cut me off and told me that since a store employee, <REDACTED> , had a standing Protection From Abuse Order against my daughter that I would need to leave the store immediately and not return.
I told the gentlemen that this was not true and asked to see the order.  The gentlemen claiming to be the manager abrasively stated he didn't need to show me anything and further stated he could kick me out for any reason.  I explained that I'm a Verizon Customer, in good standing, there for a legitimate reason, as part of my service agreement with Verizon, I had done nothing wrong, and he needed to provide the service I was already paying for.  I further told him I was calling the police to make a record of the incident and would, if necessary, pursue legal action against Verizon for making false, harmful, and derogatory remarks about my daughter in public and in front of many other Verizon Customers.
The manager departed and sent over another sales person (Ty I think) who was pleasant but would not agree to help in the store.  Instead he directed us to call Customer service to obtain the services we needed.  Afterwards, the person claiming to be the manager came back to tell us that <REDACTED> didn't have a PFA against my daughter, but his cousin did and that was good enough.  He demanded we leave immediately.  I reminded the person claiming to be the manager that I had already called the police and wanted to wait inside until they arrived.  He responded with "okay" and walked off.
The Wichita Police report number is 22C045832, the Officer's badge number is 2635.
Afterwards, my daughter explained to me that <REDACTED> has harassed her on numerous occasions and made false statements as he did today.  I was unaware of this behavior, did not know of <REDACTED> , and had no idea he worked at the store.  I visit this particular store because its close to both my work and home.  My husband also visits this store because his business services are through Verizon.
 I'd like to be contacted by Verizon right away to discuss this behavior with a member of your team.  First, Verizon is accountable for its employees making false claims of abuse while at the workplace and in front of other Customers.  Second, Verizon is accountable to provide the service they promised to provide me on a monthly basis.  Last, Verizon should not allow its employees to spread false, harmful, and derogatory remarks about anyone, under any circumstance.  
Verizon has published its "Code of Ethics" and has asserted in writing that "We are defined by our values: integrity, respect, performance excellence, accountability, and social responsibility. These values should guide us in how we deal with every problem at work, large and small. ".  I certainly do not feel Verizon even attempted to treat me with dignity, respect, or fairness.
I'll wait to hear from you and expect a professional response within a reasonable amount of time.