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How is the Month-in-Advance not a double charge?

I've had a plan with 4 lines for over 3 years, in which we used shared data. We were using 8gb for $70/monthly. I recently added a 5th line and upgraded all the lines to different unlimited plans based on our usage needs. My bill cycle runs from the 26th to the 25th of every month so when I made these changes on Nov 4th, it was clear to me that it would be backdated to October 26th to account for the current cycle. However my bill estimate is showing that on top of the charges for Oct. 26th to Nov 25th, I have to pay for the cycle Nov 26th to Dec 25th as well? I spoke to a rep and they explained that whenever changes are made to a plan, they bill "a month-in-advance"... so naturally my question was okay, so if I'm being billed a month ahead of time, then I shouldn't have a bill in January considering I am paying for it now.. a whole month in advance? However, that's not the case? So I'm here trying to understand how this is not a double charge, as I have not even used my new unlimited plans for two months yet and I'm somehow pre-paying for all five lines without any reassurance that this money will be credited to me. What is the purpose of these charges? Why hasn't Verizon changed their policy? It makes me feel cheated, and extremely upset that when I was in store making all these changes, they didn't explain to me that I'd be paying twice for each phone line for no reason. Please help me understand.

Re: How is the Month-in-Advance not a double charge?
Customer Support

We can certainly help with explaining anything with our billing, ash_01. We know billing can be complex, but it should always add up in the end. To help go into details, please Private Message us.