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How to file a complaint

EXTREMELY Disappointed with Verizon wireless a company that supposedly strides as being the best. Called in just for an upgrade and was lied to, kicked out of the chat room 4 times by customer service and nobody was willing to give me the information on how to file a complaint. When I called in for an upgrade which I was told I could do once I have paid the iPhone 50%, the representatives gave me 4 different prices. It was the most upsetting and stressful situation I have ever encountered worse than T-Mobile and Att. I was told that every line which I have 3 total have a 1500$ spending limit for a device but I also have a 2000$ total spending limit on my whole account. So basically I can not spend over $2000 which means I can not upgrad my 3 because it would pass the 2000$ limit. I was also informed that Verizon conducts soft credit checks while you are a customer to see if the need to change your bill. I advised them that since both me and my wife were out of work for a month and a half due to testing positive for covid-19 and some other bills not Verizon were paid late would that affect my credit causing Verizon to punish me for that which they said yes. I don't see how I can have a 1500$ spending in a device but a 2000$ total account spending limit all together? When I switch to Verizon I was approved for 4 lines but only using 3, so don't know how it would have been if I would have gotten the 4th line they approved me for. Anyone have issues like this? I already filed a complaint with BBB, what else can be done.