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I just want to get a hold of a real live person

Today I spent way too many hours trying to follow up after enrolling in AutoPay and paperfree billing, why my $10/line discount did not show up on my most recent bill.

I started with the online chat. Easy way to check on my status. Ha!

After going through the nonsense of the robot questions, I was finally smart enough to type in agent. An agent greets me and then that was the last I heard from them after typing my questions out.

So, I pull out my phone and *611 - negotiate my way through that robot "helper" who wants to send me back to chat on line (by pressing 0, 0, 0, 0, 0). I am finally in line for the "next" customer service agent. Twenty minutes later - nothing - no updates to what number in line I am, just some nondescript music. So I abandon that.

I check on line  and try a third option that is a version of chat. I get a person on the other end who wants me to download an app and change my password so it will be easier for them to help me. Nuts. I don't want to download an app. I don't want to change my password. I want to talk to someone who can help me. The person on chat, who refused to tell me their name because I was not a "verified" user. Refused to escalate my call to someone who could help me. Refused to give me the name of their boss. Refused to give me the name of the person who is in charge of the entire customer service organization. Refused to have someone call me so I didn't have to sit on hold indefinitely. 

It is a sad day. I have been with Verizon for over 20 years. I have used their customer service all throughout this relationship. Until today, I would have signed a sworn affidavit that they had the best customer service people, bar none. I have had agents go above and beyond. Stayed until everything was working. Gave advice on new plans. Made promises. You name it, Verizon delivered. 

What happened? This is not the first time in recent months I have walked away shaking my head when I have had issues. 

So, I thought I would sit down and write a letter to the person in charge of customer service. I should be able to find this information on the website. No.  But if you are that person, and you happen to see this, give your support personnel some more responsibility for customer satisfaction and hold them accountable. The "automatic systems" that are in place are not customer friendly. They are very frustrating. Have names and positions with addresses easily found on your website. Call people back if they request it. Care.


Re: I just want to get a hold of a real live person
Sr. Member

Check your calendar, it's Saturday. This is the worst day to call to get speedy service. Sunday is better as there are less people in queue. Spamming 0 doesn't really get to an agent any faster, just letting you know.

If you signed up for autopay, did you note when you did what dates the bill said? If your cycle was Jun 6 - July 7 and you signed up for autopay on the 8th, you're not getting a discount for what already billed. You also need to make sure the pay method was either a bank account or the Verizon Visa card. Other payment methods don't qualify.

Re: I just want to get a hold of a real live person

This is your response to me?

I should know and plan for when I need help? Isn't that backwards?

Pressing 0 to get to an agent did work, fyi.

And yes, I used a real bank account for autopay, thanks for delving into my issue.

I appreciate the hands on customer service. I will start shopping elsewhere for my insignificant 20 + years of loyalty and 4 lines.

Re: I just want to get a hold of a real live person
Customer Support

Verizon here, stm4040.
It's clear we let you down. The amount of time spent with no resolution would not sit well with me either.

Nobody here wants you to leave. We want to see you get your discount as much as you.

It's true you'll save $10/phone each month when you enroll in Auto Pay (using Bank account or debit card) and paper-free billing. To be sure, is paper-free billing on? 
Here's where to check:




Re: I just want to get a hold of a real live person

Yes, paper-free billing is on. yes, my bill is automatically paid through my bank account. And no, I did not receive the discount of $10/line and no, no one has called to assist.