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I'm so angry that I can barely breathe.

So yesterday I spent over two hours on the phone with a representative.  I really don't want a new phone, but mine is over 5 years old and this weekend I had a weird episode when I could not text or receive texts.  I explained this to the woman I spoke to.  I also explained that one of the major reasons I have not changed phones is that I have three saved voicemails on my current phone from my late husband and I cannot lose those voicemails.  We discussed the options for new phones and the things that the REAL Verizon store in Tallahassee would be able to do for me.  I explained that as I am not tech savy, I do not feel comfortable changing phones.  I was assured that the REAL Verizon store where I would pick up the 560 dollar phone I paid for would make sure that my voicemails and everything else from my current phone would be transferred to my new ____________ phone.  So I arrive this morning to the REAL Verizon store in Tallahassee at 2014 Apalachee Parkway, and when I get inside the store I am handed a bag full of boxes.  I tried to hand them my phone and the woman asked what did I need.  When I tried to explain that I needed my information transferred to my new phone, she explained that I had to do that.  I almost left the store without the bag.  I was so ___________ mad that I had to sit in the parking lot for more than a half hour to be sure I could drive safely.   I would not have purchased the _______________ new phone if I had been told that I would have to program the _______________.    I am so _______________________ mad I cannot see straight.