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I've spoken to 7 customer service reps and NONE have helped me block a number. Please HELP.

I have a very simple request: I just need to block my abusive ex's phone number. The website feature used to allow me to block his number every 3 months; however, for the past few months, it will no longer allow me to do so. I get an error message saying "try again later." I've tried at least 20 different times, in different browsers. I've spoken to 7 or 8 different customer service reps, including one manager, via chat and phone. A few assured me they successfully blocked his number. They did not. His calls still come through. A few told me that feature was no longer available on the website...when I asked why it still shows up on the website then, they did not give me an answer which made ANY sense whatsoever. It is like most of your customer service reps are mentally dumb or something. I'm not being mean. They flat-out must either be lying to me or just so incompetent or uncaring that they can't put even the slightest effort into completing a very simple request. One person I spoke to on the phone got dirtty with me, told me he/she (I couldn't tell if I was speaking to a man or woman that time...) had "been doing this for 20 years" and had never seen this issue and they ASSURED ME that they would personally call me back within 2-3 days. That was about a month ago. I never received a call back from them. They said they had elevated it to technical assistance. I guess that was a lie too? I have never experienced this horrible of customer service in my life. All I want is to stop my extremely abusive ex's calls from coming through so I can have some peace of mind. I don't want to have to change my phone number AGAIN. I shouldn't have to. I pay Verizon every month and the least you should be able to do for me is block one phone number! I'm sure no one will help me here either but I don't know what else to do. This is a home phone. The landline phone has a block feature on the phone itself, but it doesn't really work. The phone still rings once and shows his call on the caller ID.

One of the last reps I spoke to also changed my plan from a $20/month plan to a $65/month plan without my knowledge or consent. I don't even have a cellphone and they changed me to a cell plan so then I had to cal back again about THAT and never even got my initial issue dealt with!!! One person I chatted with added some extra blocking thing i had to pay for onto my account but that didn't block his number either. The feature did not work on my phone at all. 

I shouldn't have to go through all this stress just to have a number blocked. Like I said, I used to be able to do this on your website every 3 months. PLEASE help. 

Re: I've spoken to 7 customer service reps and NONE have helped me block a number. Please HELP.
Sr. Member

Unless your phone was from when Bush was president, modern phones have a built in blocking feature. 

Would be a better use of time Googling how to do that instead of calling all the time.

Re: I've spoken to 7 customer service reps and NONE have helped me block a number. Please HELP.
Customer Support

Sara1417, I understand the urgency of making sure your ex's number is blocked. I want to get this resolved for you. Have you tried blocking his number from your device itself? What is the make and model of your phone, so I can provide you with the steps?