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I was misguided by Verzion and then rudely treated

I upgraded my phone back in July because it was $800 off. I then put my husbands phone on a prepaid plan. All to lower my bill to $122 a month. When I recieved the phone I still was havinging problems, I called Verizon in Aug. The lady said it was because I was on the 5G start plan and if I upgraded I would get better service. I told her no I didn't want to upgrade becasue I was trying to decrease my bill. The next time I looked I saw that my bill is now $170.61 I was blown away. I called again and explained the situation and the lady look at it and said it was because of the upgrade, I told her that I didn't upgrade and explained to her what happened. So she did here thing and looked up to see if there was any other promotions going on. Yes there was I could upgrade and it would stay the same amount of $122 a month. She guarnette me that it would be long story short that didn't happen. I called in again and then I was told that all the promotions and deductions would fall off after the 7th of Sept bringing it back down to $122. Looked at my bill today Sept 9th still the higher charge. Spent over and hour and 15 minutes on the phone before I got the supervisor. Then I explained the the problem she said I changed the plan and I used it so its a one time charge, I NEVER changed my plan to increase my bill.I asked her to go back and listen to the recordings they cant do that, They would have to put a request in. This could take several months. But I still would have to pay the higher amount, I said no don't change me the extra $50 until they can listen to the recordings, She can't do that I told her she could, She refused to listen to me and litterally hung up on me. Wow that is customer service. I am disgusted with Verizon. Even with the update I'm still having problems with my phone, Exchanged it and still cutting in an out. Do you think they would do something to satisfy their customer. Absolutely not. UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!! They couldn't even give me the corporate's number so address to file a omplaint unreal

Re: I was misguided by Verzion and then rudely treated
Customer Support

Hello. Thanks for bringing this to our attention today. We will be sending you a Private Note shortly to investigate this further with you. Please standby. *Bryan