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Improve your system

I am not sure if it is just me or if others also experience similar problem. 

Today, I placed an order 'Samsung Z Flip3' on Verizon website and I had multiple glitches on the website and it took me more than 3 hours to place single order. I now realized I should've purchased the phone from Best Buy.

First, I had to call in rep to ask how I can edit my shipping address because I was unable to change shipping address on both My Verizon app and website. After getting more than 6 verification text about updating my address, I was finally able to update my address. Even though I typed the correct one, if I click confirm, incomplete words were saved?? Seriously?? 

Second, I received the email saying that I need to verify and submit my ID. I was frustrated because they are asking me again to call and spend extra hours to solve the issue. but I understand because I tried multiple times to place order. Maybe this triggers me to verify the identity. So I called one rep and she asked me to submit ID through the link she sent via email. But, no matter what... the pictures all look blurry. I promise I tried more than 10 times to take picture and upload on the system. This seems like application problem because when I take picture on my camera app, the pictures look very clear. After trying that for 10 mins or so, rep said I could submit the pictures to [email address removed per the Verizon Terms of Service] and the reference number would be send to me. I waited 20 minutes and sent 3 additional email and received zero reference email. I told rep sorry to make you wait but she hung up on me without saying words. I was mad at that point because the entire system looks pretty bad. After trying to connect to another rep, I was finally able to verify my ID. So inefficient.

Third, I was so happy that I don't have to spend any more time to order single phone which I usually take less than 5 min on other website. But then, I received another confirmation email saying that my order was shipped. I was glad but when i look at the shipping address, the address was incomplete. Really? I checked my confirmation letter and the address was correct. But they put some incomplete address on the shipping address. I don't understand why you just cannot use same address on the confirmation letter on the shipping label?

Fourth, I connected to the live agent to address my problem and ask if there is any way I can update the incomplete address. The agent said there is no way and I need to call UPS to update the address. I mean I spent more than 3 hours to place single order and I had to call someone else to resolve the issue again. I was very disappointed at that moment and I really wanted to cancel the order and switch to different service.


Verizon, please improve your website. Even the small clothing online store don't take more than 3 hours to place the order. I never seen any website putting wrong shipping address from the confirmation letter. Why this is happening? This is 21st century. Please improve the order system. 

Re: Improve your system
Customer Support

We definitely understand the importance of getting your device without having to run into so many issues, and we can certainly try to assist you with getting the address changed, as you would be unable to get it changed as it is locked by us, so we would need to contact UPS. Please send us a Private Note, so we may be able to assist. *Gert