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In 4 months I’ve been overcharged in so many ways!!

I purchased 4 phones on July 28, 2017!!  Note the date. Prior to leaving the store with 4 lines and 4 phones I paid for what was to be the last two days of the month. 

Going back..I first wanted to purchase and activate the phones online. I was to receive $200.00 ($100.00 per iPhone) credit plus reduced activation fees.  Low and behold for some reason I was unable to purchase online as my account/name was marked as fraud!  Why I have no idea and NOBODY AT VERIZON CAN TELL ME WHY! 

So off the a corporate store I go.  Sure, I could purchase at the store, HOWEVER THEY CAN’T HONOR ANY OF THE DISCOUNTS THEY ARE ONLINE ONLY!  So not a fraud in the store but no discounts.

I need the phones so I have no choice, as I don’t want to pay for a month with a different company. So at 5 pm on the 28 of JULY I paid my money and left.  My fist bill comes and I’m being bill for a FULL MONTH IF SERVICE FROM JUNE 29th to JULY 28th!!! I understand paying in advance but this is NOT how you do it! I actually think this is illegal... how can Verizon bill me for a month of service when I didn’t have any Verizon phones during that time period?

I’ve called to ask this question 5 times and have not yet received an answer that makes any sense.  The “problem was solved in the eyes of Verizon by changing the date showing on the paperbill (not in my billing history) to show the first bill was for JULY 28th to JULY 28th!  Please tell me Verizon how this makes sense!??!  The answer, I was given once again was I was paying in advance...although once again my bill doesn’t reflect this! 

Phones received July 28th at 5 pm Paid a fee prior to leaving store then: 

Bill #1 June 29th -July 28th

Bill #2 July 29th - August 28th

Bill #3 August 29th - September 28th

Bill #4 September 29th -October 28th

Bill #5 October 29th - November 28th

So clearly 5 Bills all paid I have had the phones 4 months!  This doesn’t account for the money paid at the store on the day of purchase either.  If I have infact paid a month in advance why does my billing history show I’m only paid to current date NOT A MONTH IN ADVANCE?? 

Next, PROBLEM #3 comes along.

Beginning with bill # 3 Verizon begins dropping my auto-pay and saying account is no good!  HELLO!  Why is it Verizon is the ONLY company saying this?  I pay ALL of my bills online using this same account and have NEVER had a problem!  So now not only has Verizon changed my billing date every month (started 23rd went to the 13th) this happens (according to Verizon) because of dis-rolling is auto pay and then re-enrolling each time my billing date changes.  Even with the face I never should have been dropped.  And once enrolled again, like magic everything worked. Then the next month no longer enrolled then complain and payment goes through fine. Each time not only changing my bill date, but BILLING ME FOR NOT BEING ENROLLED IN AUTOPAY $20.00 per month) and having the AUDACITY to charge me a late fee for asking for my billing date be moved back to where it was!!!

Let’s add this up.

No credit for payment (not a full payment) paid at the store

List $250.00 because I couldn’t online

Paid for a full month when I didn’t have a phone

Lost autopay credit $40 - $60.00

Late fee

TOTAL: just under $700.00 in 4 months

At this rate it will be better for me to pay the fees and get rid of Verizon!!  Can’t believe they can do this...MERRY CHRISTMAS and thanks for stealing my money!  There has got to be something that can be done.

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Re: In 4 months I’ve been overcharged in so many ways!!
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Re: In 4 months I’ve been overcharged in so many ways!!

I had the same problem now, they charged my account on autopay in June, then close it in July and say that I was late, and charging me late payments.  Thought i fixed it, added another account and they didn't charge.  But i have 5.00 in a late fee payments while they have 2 checking accounts on file. 

They are "nickle and diming" their consumer phone users.  

Re: In 4 months I’ve been overcharged in so many ways!!

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