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Incompetent Chat Agents

Agent #1: I spent roughly 6 hours on chat with Verizon agents last night and this morning. I simply wanted to add my watch to my account. The first agent insisted I needed a new SIM card and created an order to send one. When I complained that I don't put a SIM card in my watch he said to just put it in any of my devices. I know enough to know that would not work. Then I asked if I put it in my phone will that mess up my number and how my phone works. Right away he changed his tune and said that I shouldn't change SIM cards at all. I again asked why I needed a SIM card mailed as that's not how adding a smartwatch works. He told me it's automatic and dismissed me. Closed the chat.

Agent #2: This morning I opened another chat because it was late when we got done last night and I knew it wouldn't resolve adding my phone. This person said that I definitely didn't need a SIM card and the 1st person didn't set it up correctly at all. I actually ended this conversation feeling like MAYBE my phone was going to be set up correctly... but in 2 days when he was able to cancel the SIM card order from the 1st guy. Fine. It's a mess and inconvenient, but I"ll wait. 

Then I get a text from Verizon that they need more info to proceed with canceling that order. 

Agent #3: I hop on this chat AGAIN. THIS PERSON IS AWFULLLLLLL!!!!!! They start out ok by saying that their end isn't actually asking for information and I can ignore the text. I explain what happened and they offer to get the order canceled and add the watch, it will a few minutes. (I knew that was a lie - it takes hours to get anything done via chat). But sure, you go ahead and try. Well over an hour later they say the watch is added and then tell me REPEATEDLY that my order is being shipped and I'll receive it in 7-10 business days. I repeatedly ask, "What order and what's being shipped?" I already own the watch and we've been over the fact I don't need a SIM card...after insisting my order will be updated with shipping info and me yelling at them that there's nothing to ship, they said "I'm sorry for the typo."  Heck of a typo?!  They are obviously dealing with more than one customer at a time and can't handle the job. I repeatedly asked who I can make a complaint to and they would only respond with "I'm sorry if you feel that way." and wouldn't tell me WHO or WHERE for OVER AN HOUR. They finally said, "This is the only place to make a complaint." Somehow, I doubt that, and I've completely lost all trust in these agents. They are incompetent and use pre-filled responses, juggle too many things, and can't remember who or what is going on. I am APPALLED by the service I've received thus far. I have no answer from them when my last message was asking for the phone number of someone to contact about my complaint.

It's been over a half hour since I've asked a question and this agent has refused to answer me. What kind of service is this Verizon?!