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Inconsistant/misleading phone prices on the website
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The prices shown for phones are inconsistent and misleading. Sometimes discounts are shown in the price and sometimes not even for the same type of discounts. There is no way to tell until you get into the buying process and get to view your cart.
Full version:
I was looking for a new phone and someone suggested the LG v60 and said Verizon usually has a deal on them. I was already looking at that phone so I checked the site and found this:
LG less.jpg

 I saw the condition of needing unlimited select to save $200 so I figured that even though I didn't qualify for the deal it was still showing me the discount price. Kind of sketchy but whatever.


I started looking at a few other phones and came across this which showed the same type of deal but the price wasn't changed on the page:

Moto Edge comp.jpg

 So then I thought maybe discounts aren't shown on the page and maybe the price on the LG v60 page was its actual price without discounts. I decided to hit the buy button on the LG v60 and pay careful attention to see if the price would magically change without warning by the time I got to the end. It wasn't a surprise to me when I got toward the end and told to confirm my purchase that the price was suddenly higher.

Its already questionable to show prices someone doesn't qualify for (and only reading the "fine print" would tell you that) but having the website inconsistently show discounted prices can be misleading.

I also chatted to a rep to confirm the v60 was discount price and that I didn't qualify for and that she couldn't explain why some discounts are shown and some aren't.

Just for fun I kept looking at phones and found some more: 


This one has no conditions but doesn't show up in the price? Seems kind of backwards to show conditional pricing but not non conditional pricing.

Galaxy 20p final.jpg
And here is another one with no conditions but the price is discounted.
palm final.jpg

The website needs to be fixed to at least be consistent in what deals it shows reflected in the prices and which do not. It should also be made clearer if the price includes a discount and which one it is showing since there are usually multiple deals for each phone.

Re: Inconsistant/misleading phone prices on the website
Sr. Member

Of course support wouldn't know because they aren't the ones who coded the website or even maintain it.

It's not that difficult to do basic math. If a phone says retail is $949.99, dividing that by 24 gives you $39.58. $200 off makes it $749.99. Divide that by 24 gets you 31.25.

The site clearly tells you what you need to qualify for those promos be it a new line, specific plan, trade-in etc. If you know you wouldn't qualify, expect to pay retail. None of this is hard to figure out.


Re: Inconsistant/misleading phone prices on the website

Nice dodge of the issue I was trying to point out but thanks for helping to prove my point?

I never said I qualified for the discount. I knew I didn't. I never said math was hard either.

I guess you helped prove my point though. Having to do math, even the simplest of math, to verify the prices they are showing you are correct is bad design. Its even worse when sometimes the prices they show you are correct and sometimes not and there is no rhyme or reason to any of it.


Re: Inconsistant/misleading phone prices on the website

And just to be clear. I was pointing out the inconsistencies of the shown prices in relation to discounts. It seems totally random if the price shown includes a discount or not. Even discounts with the same exact conditions and conditional text sometimes show the discount in the price and sometimes does not. You shouldn't have to do any math, no matter how simple, to show you want your actual price will be.

Re: Inconsistant/misleading phone prices on the website
Customer Support

Rapap, I'm sorry you are not pleased with our website. We always provide the link to see details. However, your feedback is very important and will be shared with the appropriate teams. This is the only way change is made. Thank you for sharing your concerns.


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