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Incorrect billing

I had Verizon years ago and due to massssssive billing issues on their part I closed my account after 15 years. My husband loves Verizon but he doesn’t deal with their billing. After 2 years of being away, I decided I’d give them another chance. I opted in for auto pay. So when I got a call saying I owed money on a sub account I couldn’t figure out what it was for. 
So previously I was incorrectly billed and I paid off an agreement yet they couldn’t close it. So they’d just issue credit every month and for 16 months I had to call for that credit. 

so when I got a call saying I owed for an activation on a sub account I was not only surprised I was angry. I call in to find out that they assigned my new service an account number- billed it correctly and I paid the bill. But somehow they also assigned a sub account and added activation fees to it. Mind you I already paid them on the correct account. So now- I call in after figuring out what they did- the customer service rep said he’d go in and fix it. Then tells me it’s a deactivated new sub account and he can do nothing. Then after all this transfers me to financial services after again a wait on hold - and the women on the phone had no idea why I was on the phone I hung up. What in the actual fu<k. I’m cancelling you again. And I’m calling the news. Apparently they open sub accounts you have no access to and put things on your credit when you have no idea of any charges (in my case incorrect billing) but the charges might be legit for others accounts. The point is you have no notification if you opt in for paperless and auto pay. You just get it put on your credit? What the .... 


Re: Incorrect billing
Customer Support

You're valued to us, and we wouldn't want to lose you, A61380. It worries us to hear you were charged on a sub-account, and that this has yet to be corrected. It is our priority to ensure these issues are addressed, and we will help. We have sent a Private Message to you to better assist.  DavidR_VZW