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Insufficient Funds

Hello to whomever this pertains;

Well to make things short, sweet, and to the point, earlier this month I had trouble paying my bill for last month. Verizon graciously accepted my checking account information for I put it down as a check extended out 14-days from the period the bill was due, I paid the bill a few days before it was due with my debit card and thought to myself "now I have $0 balance so what would they even charge my account for now." I guess I was wrong and instead I look at bill today to it saying "Insufficent Funds - $25", well I'll say I'm at fault for not canceling the check, but then again even if I did have the funds what in the world would VZW would even be charging me for since it's already been paid?

Of course that isn't my main question, just a question out of curiosity, my main question is will VZW be able to reverse or possibly credit my account for this? I simply paid the amount due before the check which I now understand not to do. Anyways, thanks for the help and I look forward to the replies before contacting VZW in the coming days.

By the way, I have two more questions: I'm on an EDGE agreement with my devices, I was wondering if it was possibly to significantly pay down on the devices without necessarily buying it out? I would rather just knock it out as quickly as possible because seeing these $200 bills are becoming all too common for no reason. And if I reduce my data from 10 GB to 3 GB (I only brought it up that high because I was traveling a lot and that much data was needed) will I lose any promotions eg, the $25 off EDGE?

Thank you!

And once again I look forward to the replies.

D. Hicks

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Re: Insufficient Funds
Sr. Member

To you checking account issue...yes, when you made the agreement with them it was probably locked into a system that no one has reason to go back and check even if your balance becomes zero.  It's your obligation which I think you understand to have called and asked for that to be removed.  Nonetheless, you can call and ask for them to reverse the charge...maybe they will..maybe they won't...but you can't get anything if you don't ask.

As for paying down your EDGE...if memory serves me right you only have the option to decrease your monthly amount by paying more down at the time you signed up.  I don't believe you can just make additional payments towards EDGE whenever you like...but you do have the option of paying it off early any time you wish.

And to your last question...yes, going from 10GB to 3 will reduce your EDGE discount from $25/line to only $15.