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I own a construction company with 14 lines as of today. Insurance is always topic #1 when adding any new device to my business plan and I have always been told the same thing......“Mr carrozza your business plan has a flat insurance payment that covers all devices on your plan”..... So you can understand that after an accident at the dump where 3 phones got damaged I was very surprised when I was told by a asurion that they wouldn’t cover the devices. I immediately called Verizon and was told that in fact my devices were covered. So now here is little old me caught between two massive companies pointing the finger at each other. So at this point I think it best to go into a store I have done most of not all of my business with and get to the bottom of this misunderstanding. After explaining my problem and a 25min wait I was informed that my insurance plan was for up to 10 lines and when I crossed that threshold the plan I was paying for was not the proper coverage for my not 10+ lines. A few things I found wrong about this explanation were...

1. I ask about insurance immediately after all new purchases to the business account seeing as I am in the home improvement industry I know the importance of insuring my tools and equipment however this was never discussed with me so the day I went past 10 lines I walked out with no insurance.

2. Not my responsibility to know what Verizon’s insurance plan tries are or how they work.

3. No apology, no real solution (basically sorry you got messed up)

However at this point he did have a “solution” although as stated above this in my opinion “no real solution” and what is idea was is that we up my insurance which would bump it up to 129/mo (no problem at all) but that we would have to cut some red tape and I would have to wait 30 days to file a claim!!!!!!!!!

Hold on..... his solution was INSURANCE FRAUD against asurion??????

So we have 3 companies here mine Verizon and Asurion. As far as I can see I did what I was supposed to do. I bought devices I asked questions and I did was the sales associates allowed me to do..... Aurion did what they were supposed to do and that was denied a claim that fell outside the contracted insurance Verizon however made a mistake in not educating its associates properly in n insurance for business accounts. So my question is why should I commit insurance fraud with Verizon to cover their mistake.

please someone call me ASAP we have a big big problem here 


thank you



Re: Insurance
Customer Support

ATDHomes, thank you so much for reaching out to us today. We want to make sure that you get the assistance that you need. I do apologize, but, we don't have access to Business Accounts. Please contact our Business Support by calling 800-922-0204 or *611 from your Verizon Wireless device. 

Re: Insurance
Sr. Member

Verizon doesn't really have their own insurance, everyone uses Asurion and Asurion has awful policies.

If you have a ton of lines, better to insure them individually instead of a group plan with arbitrary rules.