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I signed up online and had my devices shipped. Nothing but problems since. First bill was only billed for 1 device, so the second bill was huge to catch up. They never sent a message saying we messed up up and will be taking over $500 from your debit account this time because we messed up up. Then the next bill was even higher, again no notice or explanation. When I ordered everything, I asked for the total protection for all devices. Apparently that was never added. So for a year I felt somewhat secure knowing we had insurance, but I was wrong. Now, it'll raise my bill by $200 a month to insure everything! I came back to Verizon after sprint played with my bill without notice, Verizon is even worse! Bill changed without notice, now no insurance when I am positive I ordered it. I remember the conversation about it with my family members to make sure they'd be able to cover their portion. Verizon messed up us again and as soon as I can get out of this contract I will never use them again!!

Re: Insurance?
Sr. Member

How did you not notice for a year your bill didn't show total protection plan for each line?  I don't have it but pretty sure it's listed on the bill every month when you look at it so if you didn't see it you were not being charged for it.  

Re: Insurance?
Customer Support

We understand how important it is for your devices to be insured. If you did sign up for insurance, it would be listed on your initial order which can be found under your document and receipts. Have you been able to check out your original order with us?