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Intentional misleading

I checked rules about international travel MULTIPLE TIMES. While in Ireland, we kept 1 phone on and initiated “travel pass” every day. The other phone was, as directed by Verizon, left on airplane mode THE ENTIRE TIME. I never received a message saying that “travel pass had been initiated”. Big surprise - I got my bill and saw that for 9 days out of 11, my phone was charged for travel pass too. Apparently there’s some obscure setting that ALSO needs to be disabled. Of course no one can mention that until AFTER I’m charged. Then they graciously offered a $30 refund because “they’re here for me”. I’m pretty sure the rep was even saying that sarcastically because they know they’re ripping people off. I even joked to my wife that we needed to document the fact that my phone was on airplane mode because I knew that Verizon would do something like this. Come to find out, that wouldn’t even have mattered. Because of this weird setting, they were “legitimate charges”???  Right out of the gates Verizon acted in bad faith. After signing up with a free phone promo, I was charged for 4 full-price phones for nearly 6 months. I seriously can’t believe how disorganized and uncaring this company is.  No matter how careful you are, they find a way to possibly extort just a few more dollars from whomever they can…which adds up to millions for this monopoly.  It’s hard enough just getting by with a large family in this economy. And I have to constantly be on guard to make sure my cell phone company isn’t gouging me around every corner.  So disappointing.