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Get up to $500 when you bring your phone. Plus, waived smartphone activation fee when you buy online. Limited time offer.
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Iphone 12 pro max 128gb promotional offer with addition of a new line from another network


have been Verizon customers for many years. Verizon has a promotion for 700$ off iphone 12 pro max with addition of a new line. If the new line is a switch over from another network, they are adding in 400$. 


My question is basically this. We want to add a line for my kid-- and my mom wants to cancel her line as she is leaving the country for the next year or so.  If I add a new line from another network and trade in an Iphone X 64gb in great condition (no cracks, powers on, minimal scratches), then I get the 700$ promotion + 400$ for opening a new line?

Could I also cancel my mother's phone line and port it over to google voice? I want to save her phone number for future use. Maybe 2-3 months down the road, could I trade my kids new phone number for my mother's phone number back from google voice? And If I traded their phone numbers 2-3 months down the line, would I continue to receive my promotional credit on the iphone 12 pro max?


Basically, we want to take advantage of the new offers and not leave Verizon out of loyalty. But the deals AT&T offers are just too good, especially because we all are in need of new phones. Just for comparison sakes, AT&T offers 700$ off for new and EXISTING customers. 


Re: Iphone 12 pro max 128gb promotional offer with addition of a new line from another network

The two promotions might not be compatible with each other. 

Also the $700 off promotion requires the line to have the Get Unlimited Plan associated with that line over the 24 months of the device payment agreement. If you change the plan or other qualifications, you lose eligibility including any unapplied bill credits. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.