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Irritated with Verizon on multiple fronts

I'm just going to get this off my chest and rant....  Do the people that set policies at Verizon have a brain or do they sit there and look at trade magazines and base their decisions off the pretty pictures? 

Issue is, I just basically stopped the process to get a replacement phone.  Why?  I lost my phone with the verified line and the chat person couldn't continue without being able to send me a link...    I can understand verification purposes, but there is a non-verizon cell phone line on my account here that has been there for 3 dang YEARS that can also be used to verify that is my VA issued phone for medical emergencies and is linked to bluetooth sensors.  So that phone was ready and available as well.  But, it couldn't be used according to the chat person.  Same thing with my tablet, which is also from verizon and data is paid for every month.  I amuse myself by sending text messages from my phone with links to the the tablet so I don't have to re-search the page I was browsing and just open it up on the tablet with the link.  But, the chat person couldn't do that as well and kept saying it was unverified...  If the main phone is lost, have the people that just look at the pretty pictures in the trade magazines figure out a policy that can be used by the chat salespeople.  It cost them a sale.

2nd, getting logged out on the verizon page.  Not sure if it is my settings, the browser settings, or verizons settings; get your sign in's to last longer and on the same page.  This problem is multi-part...  I can be logged in and browsing my account and the box on the right would be telling me to relog back in even though I'm browsing my personal information.  Then getting logged out after less then a minute or when I check out another phone description.  I swear I have to relog in 3 times in a 5 minute browsing section (going with the benefit of a doubt and extending that to 7 minutes.)  The poor chat salesperson, I got logged out twice talking to her.  And I'm going to have to save this rant when I complete it then relog in, past it, then post it because I had been logged out while typing (this is my second time typing this which hasn't helped my attitude much as you can probably tell.)

3rd.  Did you know that if you don't log out of the verizon webpage, even if it says you are logged out and wants you to log back in, that you cannot use the Verizon store in Best Buy to buy a replacement phone?  When it tried to log me in to verizon to check my service status and confirm me for the replacement phone, it couldn't continue due to an unverified error.  Going back to the Verizon website, I logged back in, got tired of the garbage for the night, and logged back out.  Hit the Verizon verification one last time (and was going to quit dealing with it for the day if it didn't work) and it went right through.  But got a better deal ($12 a month less and a couple hundred off) off the best buy site compared to the Verizon site and I don't get logged off every few minutes.  So next time I know, go to verizon, log in, log right back out, then do the best buy site so it doesn't error out.


Re: Irritated with Verizon on multiple fronts
Customer Support

Hello, Juiced2014.

We certainly would not want this to be your experience. We would be glad to take a look into your replacement device and see what options we have available to help. If you still need assistance, please feel free to send us Private Note. We are available here 24/7.