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Live Chat or Lie Chat?

Back in August 2020, I was looking at new unlimited plans, as mine was outdated and did not include 5G. I was still hesitant about switching, but I saw that the new unlimited plan included a "premium bundle" with Hulu, ESPN+ and Disney+. I thought this was awesome, but I absolutely hate ads, so I wanted to clarify the word "premium" meant ad-free Hulu. I looked all over the website first and there were no mentions of ad-supported version anywhere, so I went to live chat, where they AT LENGTH explained to me that it was indeed AD FREE and that they used the same service and it was definitely ad free. 

I sign up for the subscription, but I don't use it for a month. When I finally log in, its ad-supported of course. Then I look at the Verizon wireless site, and it says (ad-supported version) at pretty much every mention of Hulu. So then I'm back on live chat, because the agent basically bait and switched me. The chat I had with the agent was short lived, all they could tell me were scripted responses informing me that the Hulu has always been ad-supported. I am like.. "I know, that's not my issue right now." and then they would respond with how I can pay the difference for ad-free Hulu. Again, they did not understand the my frustration no matter how I phrased it. Finally, I connected with another agent in hopes that someone else could help me. I ask if they can look at past chat transcripts, and they say yes. So they "review" the past chat transcripts, tell me they totally understand my problem, and will escalate it to a team that can review it and they will be in contact with me shortly with a solution that will definitely satisfy me.

Two weeks later, no response. So I get back on live chat. They start off by telling me how Hulu is ad-supported. They also try to explain how to get Ad-free Hulu by paying the difference. I explain the problem again only rephrased, and I think they understood what I was saying finally because they replied "That is not an issue". Once more, I have to try a different agent because I was getting nowhere. I tell them, put in your notes what happened, so the next person can help me more efficiently and I don't have to keep explaining it over and over again, and then I ended the chat to try someone else.

Second agent says they see the notes the last agent left, and I explain the problem again anyway. They totally understand apparently, but then they say according to their notes, I was informed of the Hulu service being ad-supported. ::face palm:: I explain, yes, they JUST told me that, even though I already knew. That's not the issue, so I explain the issue again, and then again I get how to sign up for Hulu ad-free by paying the difference. Are all the live agents brain dead or something? I know I am being clear as day as to what my issue is.

So finally I call in hopes of any sign of life. I get ahold of a real person in Arizona, and I ask her simply if I can get copies of the past chat transcripts, just to see for myself that I was tricked by the live agents. She explains:

1) Chat transcripts are saved ONLY FOR TRAINING and cannot be accessed by customer service to recall actual issues with the chat between agents and customers. So, there is absolutely no way I can provide evidence of what transpired in the chat, AND the live agent that told me they could see where they promised me it was ad-free also couldn't have accessed that chat transcript. So they were also lying to me about that?

2) Hulu is Ad-supported and has always been (OH MY GOD)

3) I can sign up for ad-free Hulu and pay the difference (AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!))

4) Customers are frustrated, but sometimes the agents can be even more frustrated because at the end of the day, they have to deal with customers who have had bad experiences but don't have any information other than the "notes" left by the last customer service agent, which she said aren't always what they need to be (as in, no helpful information whatsoever). (How dare I be so selfish, apparently everyone is completely miserable at Verizon, not just me.)

5) So sorry for the inconvenience, but we cannot help you