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Locked Account

My father-in-law is almost 99 years old.  My husband, his oldest son, and I had to move him into a residential care facility the beginning of this year.  We live a great distance from him.  He still has his cell phone, but my husband, and me in a supporting role, are managing all of his accounts.  My husband has a durable power of attorney, and his now the acting trustee.  We have been able to obtain access to all of my father-in-law's accounts, except for Verizon.  My father-in-law set up an online Verizon account several years.  He listed an email that is invalid.  His account is now locked.  My husband submitted a copy of the durable power of attorney via email to Verizon accompanied with a cover letter, and he received an email stating he was now the account manager of his father's account and to call customer service to for access to make necessary changes.  My husband, and then I, spent two- and one-half hours yesterday with a customer service representative.  The representative was totally confused and, in his confusion, asked to speak with me and the representative did something to my husband's and my account and basically made it non-working.  (It took me yesterday and today to get it working again.)  He finally transferred me to another telephone number, and I got disconnected.   My husband tried twice last night to do a chat, and after waiting 15 minutes for an agent, and another 15 minutes while they fumbled around, he got disconnected.  He again tried four times today, disconnected three times, like last night, and the fourth agent said my husband had to go to a Verizon store to obtain access.  So, we have made an appointment with our nearest Verizon store over 30 miles from us, and we "hope" we will be able to have access to my husband's father's account.  All of this is actually a summary.  There are too many hours of wasted time and incompetence by agents to write about.  All agents tell us, we are protecting the customer's privacy.  They have protected it into our not having access and being able to keep the account accurate.  This has been a nightmare!  I want to file a complaint!!

Re: Locked Account
Customer Support

Thank you for reaching out and for providing us this feedback. Your time is valuable to us, and this is never the experience that we want you to have. The store will be able to access the account with an ID, and if the power of attorney has been email, and he is an account manager you will have no issues. Please keep us posted, we want to make sure you are provided with a solution.