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Lured in by promotion, then never getting what I was promised!

I recently added a line to my account in-store. I asked about any possible deals on the iPhone 11, and was told "sorry we don't have any deals on the 11 right now." So we participated in a promotion that gave us 100% device credit for an iPhone SE. After a few days, we decided we did not like the phone. After looking online, we noticed that Verizon offered an online promotion that DID offer the iPhone 11 for free for adding a new line! I spoke to an agent on the phone, and she was happily able to process an exchange, applying the better promotion on my account with the help of her supervisor. I was very satisfied to have the issue resolved, but then the link I received to complete the payment did not work. Endless bugs and loops of links giving me error messages. First a button telling me to "review terms and conditions," then when I click on it, the message: "terms and conditions are not required for this order." After this, followed what was the most inconvenient, stressful, and frustrating customer service experience I've ever had. In all, I visited my local Verizon store 3 times, and spent possible 10 hours on the phone either explaining the situation over and over again, or sitting on hold. Every call I heard something along the lines of "I can't do anything, visit the store." At the store I heard "the order was placed over the phone, I can't do anything here." At one point, I was sent to an automated call bot to accept the terms and conditions. After going through all the steps, it told me that I had already accepted the t's and c's and had no required action. Every time I had to tell the story from the very beginning. I was so exhausted and upset that I wanted to cry. At one point, an agent received help from her supervisor, who needed to contact her supervisor! That resulted in them processing an IT ticket to push the order through. They told me that they were so sorry about all the struggles. They told me that the order should finish processing within 7 days, and within 2 weeks the phone should ship out. It never came. The order is still sitting idle on my account, months later. This started in August. Today is Thanksgiving. The phone was supposed to be a gift for my husband. Now, almost four months later, my sister decides to port her number over to my account. The promotion for up to $800 device credit when you add a line and trade in is EVERYWHERE, all over the internet. We complete all the steps for the order and the port online by ourselves, we get an order confirmation. We even order a case from Verizon after getting that confirmation email, glad that it all worked out. Next thing I know, I check my account and the order is placed on hold. I click "see why" and get taken to a blank page labelled "web" at the top that never loads. I click "take action" and come to a screen that says "thanks for confirming your order! Check your email for details and recommended next steps." No new emails but the order confirmation. Order still says its on hold, and that I have until November 29th to "take action." What action?! Clicking the buttons to find out what the step is, AND to take the action both lead to nowhere! I am in disbelief that this is happening again. I figured last time was just a technical glitch, and it's not their fault. I feel like it's happened again. If I don't end up resolving this, I'll be leaving Verizon as soon as possible and sharing this experience with everyone I know. I wish I could get back all the time and energy I sent here. Has anyone had similar issues with orders being put on hold and pending indefinitely? Were you able to solve it in a way other than cancelling the order, and subsequently having to pay for the phone you were promised in full?