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M + H VZW Bonus Discount Incorrectly Removed from My Account

I joined Verizon with 4 lines of unlimited on July 22, 2021.  At that time I was offered two Mobile + Home discount awards - the first being Level 2 Mobile + Home, since I already had FIOS 400/400, which was $5 off wireless and $5 off mobile, and the second being Mobile + Home VZW Bonus Discount of $10 per month off wireless.  These discounts were applied to my bills in July 2021, August 2021, September 2021, and October 2021. 

On November 12, 2021, I changed the wireless plan of one of the four lines from Start Unlimited to Play More Unlimited (so I chose to pay $10 more per month to verizon).  The chat rep made this change for me.  Immediately after the change I received an email from Verizon stating that recent account activity had impacted my Mobile + Home discount.  When I looked at my account, I noticed that the "M+W VZW Bonus Discount $10" had been removed from my wireless account (but was and still is listed in my FIOS account).  For my bill ending Nov 22, I was charged back $3.23 for the M+H VZW Bonus Discount from Nov 12 to Nov 22, and the bonus discount was removed from the Nov 22 bill and also not applied for the billing period of Nov 23 to Dec 22, and it is still not showing on my wireless account. 

I first called Verizon on Nov 16 to correct this and was given a lot of different and often incorrect information.  Ultimately a ticket was created to investigate.  After several weeks, more chats and more phone calls, the ticket was not resolved.  I kept calling and chatting every week without resolution.  In mid Dec, despite these issues, I decided to upgrade my home internet to FIOS, thus paying more money to Verizon while this issue was investigated.  This increase in FIOS spend changed my Level 2 discount on wireless ($5/month) to Level 3 ($10/month), and the M+H VZW Bonus Discount $10 remained showing on my FIOS account but not applied to wireless.

Finally on Monday, Dec 20, I spoke with a rep, Hannah, who stated she understood the issue and would personally lead it to resolution.  She scheduled a call back with me on Tuesday, Dec 29, so she could provide an update.  Then, no one called on Dec 29.  So, on Dec 30, I called back in and another rep, Terry, stated that he sent a message to Hannah to call me, which has not happened.

I then decided to try chat again via text, and, after hours of this yesterday, there was still no resolution.  One agent even said "the $10 DC is still there" which was referring to the Level 3 discount and not the $10 VZW M+H Bonus Discount.  So I searched the internet and found this forum and decided to post here so that all could be aware of this issue and incredibly frustrating customer service issue.  I know its only $10 per month, but it is the principle and this should be corrected.

I have even attached a screen shot of my FIOS account so you can see the discount is offered regardless of which level of FIOS I choose...

Please Help!

This discount is missing from my wireless bill.This discount is missing from my wireless bill.


Re: M + H VZW Bonus Discount Incorrectly Removed from My Account

Did you ever get this resolved?  I’ve had the same problem since October with hours in chat and on the phone to no avail. 

Re: M + H VZW Bonus Discount Incorrectly Removed from My Account
Customer Support

Hello, 21469. Sorry to hear about the issues with the discount but glad to help as much as possible. I understand that you have invested some time into getting this corrected and would like to find a lasting resolution. Concerning your account and discount, what seems to be the current status and have you completed any steps towards a resolution already during your chat? Looking forward to hearing back.