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Made a split payment

I recently read this post from a verizon customer posted on 1/6/21:

I had a very similar problem to this but it was all with my first bill. I set it up for auto pay the first time 3 days before it was due to debit out of my account. I got the confirmation from Verizon that it went through. 2 days later the money was still in my account so I called Verizon , they assured me it was all set and probably delayed due to the holidays. Then about 30 min later I received a notice from Verizon saying there was a problem with it. So I tried to add my bank information again, it said it was good to go I pushed the payment through and again received the messages that it went through. Low and behold my bank funds were still there. So I called Verizon again and they said that everything was good on their end and my payment went through. I called my bank again and they said it may take a few days since it was my bank account info and not my debit card info. Ok so I wait 1 more day , next thing I know I get an e-mail saying again it didn't go through and I was on cash only status. I live over an hour away from my nearest Verizon store and I have to pay to take out cash so this is not a good option for me. Also why can an agent tell me its fine when it clearly isnt , and if there was a chance I was to be put on Cash only why was I never advised of that before I was put on it. This was my first payment and I definitely had the money. I am also clearly not the only one with this issue. So my new question to Verizon is " How is it that all these people are having similar problems with your system and somehow Verizon is not to blame? And lastly the last time I called ( 1/6/2021 @ 12:00) I was told by a supervisor ( yes I have his name and employee number ) that the only way this could happen is if I was trying to defraud the company!! Are you kidding me I called 3 times to makes sure they got paid just to get punished and accused of trying to defraud a company?!?!?!?! After seeing how many people are having this same issue I wonder if there is any legal action that needs to be taken. 


I don't know why this post closed, as I'm not familiar with forums and how they work.

Anyway, I have had this problem in the past few days. Although, I have been told my bill is paid...I keep getting texts and emails saying my payment didn't go through.

Called the bank, called Verizon,  back and forth...all good.

Why then the texts/emails? Nobody can answer that, and in fact, nobody is worried about it, hardly responding when I talk about it...MY QUESTION IS WHY?

It seems they know something I dont.

Re: Made a split payment
Customer Support

Thirstypalm, it's concerning to hear about any notifications that your payment didn't go through and this is not something that should just be brushed off. Has your most recent payment gone through at this point?






Re: Made a split payment

Yes, as expected the there was never a problem with the payment. The vzw notifications stopped as soon as the pending transaction was finalized.