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My Verizon - your device is not eligible for SMS...


I recently ran into this issue while upgrading my phone from a Google Pixel 5 to a Google Pixel 7. The type of device doesn't really matter here, its the change in Device & SIM IDs (IMEI, ICCID) that really mess up the My Verizon app here.

So, the issue, log in to My Verizon it works for maybe a day, or a couple hours or a few seconds even. Then at some point you open My Verizon again and you try to do ANYTHING account specific. You get a little pop-up that say "For your security, please re-enter your password". So you do, and you hit the "Sign in" button at the bottom, but on the next page it says:

It looks like your device is not eligible for SMS and you do not have your email-id set up. If you need help, call 800.922.0204.

Which really is pretty annoying, then you call the number, you speak to some AI assistant that tries to send you to the My Verizon app, which it wants you to log in to, but you can't because you're locked out now. I don't know about you, but I got INSANELY frustrated that I couldn't get a hold of a person without going through about 5 iterations of this process until I finally got with a support agent. We went through some troubleshooting, tried changing passwords, re-registering my My Verizon account, nothing would hold for more than that single login afterwards. So, after HOURS of trying to get this fixed. Here's a step by step on how to fix it for you (because I doubt Verizon will have this remembered, or saved for future issues just like this)

  1. On a computer (not on your new phone) go to
  2. Click "Sign In" at the top right (and then "Sign in to My Account" if you need to)
  3. Enter your login stuff, username/phone & password
  4. Once you're logged in on the normal landing page for your account..
  5. Click on "Account" at the top
  6. Click on "Account Settings"
  7. Click on "Security Settings"
  8. Scroll down to "Two-factor authentication" & click on the "Edit" link
  9. If it's currently set to "Enabled" for your phone number, skip to step 12
  10. if it's currently set to "Disabled" turn it to "Enabled" and click "Save Changes"
  11. Open that "Two-factor authentication" > "Edit" link again
  12. Set your phone number to "Disabled" (we'll turn it back on in like 5 minutes don't worry)
  13. Click "Save Changes"
  14. Now go on your phone, open the My Verizon app
  15. click on the 3 bar line at the bottom right
  16. click "Sign Out"
  17. Wait for it to do it's thing, it'll come back to a "log back in page"
  19. At the bottom click on "Different User"
  20. Log in using your login stuff
  21. You're past that issue! but its not really fixed, you left a security hole in your account...
  22. Click on the "account" icon on the bottom navigation bar
  23. At the top click on "Edit profile & settings"
  24. Click on "Boost Account Security"
  25. Turn Two-factor authentication back on FROM IN THE APP (should be the first option in the boost screen)
  26. Turn on push notifications (it should automatically bring you to that page)
  27. Click "Turn on" at the bottom
  28. Wait a second to confirm that they're on, then click "Close"
  29. I highly suggest also Enabling Touch/Face ID as well (to skip some passwords) but that's completely up to you.
  30. Your new device should now be registered as your primary Two-factor authentication device.

You can test that it's working correctly by signing out of the My Verizon app and logging back in like in step #19-20.

Hope this helped save you some stress, took a lot out of me to get it all figured out. Verizon needs to fix their Two-factor authentication registration especially with new devices. But until then, this works pretty good.

Re: My Verizon - your device is not eligible for SMS...
Sr. Member

You can reach the app developer at [email address removed per the Verizon Terms of Service].