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My Verizon?

My Verizon?  My Verizon?

 No not MY Verizon, THEIR Verizon and how they force products and unnecessary Spyware on our phones.  APP? why? Why do I HAVE to have the app to have access to Up rewards? 

"Here have this wonderful bonus"   "What they really are doing is 'rewarding' you into having spyware on  your phone".      Hmmm, I never knew access to my location, or siri searches, or CONTACTS was necessary just so I can get a few extra Gb's?  Or discounts on PRODUCTS and SERVICES.    I feel it is more so that since you 'update' your app it ALSO forces the consumer into upgrading devices since older OS's are not compatible.

The world has been slowly coerced into accepting supposed QOL (Quality Of Life) systems, that at base level are simply tools used to spy our lives, and make us want them to.   Ask any advertiser, the methods are real.  They capture OUR information, our FRIENDS and CONTACTS information, ect. ect. and pin it under, #Personalized.     I can do everything from my desktop, except access these wonderful Dopamine triggering bonuses?  Neuroscience at work, making us THINK we want more of the EXACT things we DON'T NEED.

 One thing I know I can do from my desktop, is cancel Verizon service. 

 Wonderful studies have been done to show just how controlling the technology everyone has been forced to 'depend on'  can be. Think of a place like  Department of Neurobiology at Harv.....  Yeah that's one.