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My passwords never work!

Why do my passwords never work. I have a password manager that has no problems with any other companies site. I have also written down my verizon passwords, Yet I have never been able to succesfully log in at verizon after a day or so has passed. This is beyond insane. I just merged my accounts two days ago, after almost 3 hours on the phone resetting it for the 40-50th time, and again saved the password to my password manager and yet today when i go to log in to get my bill my credentials do not match. So i had to reset my password 5 times today, before I was able to successfully log on, this is actually quite fast for your standards, usually it is several times until i get locked out and have to spend 3-4 hours on the phone. I absolutely hate verizon becuase of this please explain why YOU CANNOT REMEBER MY PASSWORD?!