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Need Executive escalation path. Verizon's misleading information on BYOD cost me $1400

Back on 8/9 I contacted Verizon as I was considering changing over from AT&T. I had a deal with them where they were paying for 2 of my 4 phones. In order to change carriers I would have to pay off all 4 phones at a personal cost of ~$1400. When I spoke to the Verizon rep over chat I asked about the BYOD promotion where you received a $250 gift card for every phone you brought to Verizon and I was bringing 4. I explicitly asked if that deal was limited to Post-paid accounts or if it also applied to pre-paid. I was told it was good for either. This was good news as $1000 would help offset the cost of changing carriers. I cost I would otherwise been unwilling to incur.  So with that knowledge I paid off the phones and changed to Verizon the same day.


This weekend I was informed something was wrong with my rebate submission and was informed that only post-paid accounts were eligible. Regardless of the terms and conditions of the program, I was told by a Verizon representative, in writing, that I was eligible. This was the whole reason I went ahead and switched. I have spoken with many people At Verizon over the last 2 daysand no one seems to know how to handle this.  I have literally spoken to 15 differnt people and no one can find a solution.  They just keep passing me to someone else.  It is not right that I am out $1400 because I was given bad information.  I could have stayed with AT&T and let them continue to pay for my phones.

I can get a similar prepaid plan for an equivalent price at other carriers. The difference being none of them misled me and at this point it is a matter of principal. If Verizon cannot make good on something they told me in writing or cannot find some other way to make it right, I feel obligated to ensure Verizon does not get one more cent from me. I was a Verizon customer from 2012-2017 and only switched to AT&T when they had a bundle that saved me close to $200 a month across all of my other utilities. Now that discount was gone and AT&T was going to require I pay off my phones to switch to prepaid, I was giving Verizon first shot at my business. At this point the cost of my personal time is beginning to rival the $1000 I was misled over. Is Verizon seriously saying that no one, is capable or willing to fix this?


Re: Need Executive escalation path. Verizon's misleading information on BYOD cost me $1400

WOrk with your state regulators. They can help.