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Need help from a Verizon Rep

I have a ton of problems with my Verizon account and cannot, for the life of me, reach a person to help me fix them. I would like to resolve the issues that I have with the company via email or this message board because the Verizon chat feature does not work AT ALL for the issues that I am experiencing. I've also called the company dozens of times and visited retail stores and cannot find anyone to help fix the following issues. 

1. A Verizon rep made several mistakes on my account. I have multiple lines and 1 of them was moved to its own account by mistake. I cannot reach anyone to help me move the number back to my family plan. I didn't authorize the move, and it doesn't make sense financially to have a separate account for a single line.

2. I have a device payment attached to the wrong number. I purchased a new iPhone with Verizon and they shipped the phone to my home pre-activated with the wrong phone number. This mixup took several days to fix, leaving me without my work line for the duration of the problem, but my device payments are still attached to the wrong number which is incidentally the number that was incorrectly ported out to another Verizon account. 

3. I was charged for a year for 411 calls (approx 20 dollars a month) on a line with a medical exception. The line's user has a disability and needs 411. I've sent in medical forms and continued to be charged regardless. 

4. Yesterday I was quoted 40 dollars per line to switch to a newer plan to take advantage of one of the BOGO offers on the new Samsung Note. When a sales rep attempted to activate the phone in a store he was unable to because the line was stuck in some sort of "limbo". He called Verizon retail support and they were unable to activate the new device for at least 24 hours. This is extremely inconvenient. I have to return to the store to complete the transaction, and in the interim do not have a working device, although I am paying for one. The online price on MyVerizon is listed at 65 dollars a line, which is not what I was quoted.

5. I signed up for the pandemic assistance this summer which allowed me to postpone paying 1 month. Unfortunately, my data has been throttled to the point where it is unusable for most of the day. Also, signing up for the pandemic assistance somehow triggered a collections flag on my account (which is current). This means that I cannot use the chat feature on the MyVerizon app.

TLDR; My account is massively messed up up. I cannot, for the life of me, reach a person at Verizon to fix the issues that I have been having. I am getting the run around. Chat reps tell me to visit a store --> store reps tell me to call customer service ---> customer service tells me to visit a store. I would like a Verizon rep to research my account and contact me to resolve these issues. 

Re: Need help from a Verizon Rep
Sr. Member

1) If it's a transfer of service, the line needs to be authorized to be moved back and can only be moved after it's been by itself for 30 days. If it's a sub account, it's super easy to move back.

2) This is also super easy. As long as the line isn't occupied with a payment plan, it can be moved in roughly 10 - 20 seconds.

3) 411 calls are a valid charge. Modern smartphones have voice commands with virtual assistants if you need a free search option.

4) Never trust a quote if the website says otherwise. What you see online is what you're paying.  If you're doing Play/Do more with 5+ lines, then it's $40 per line with autopay. If you have a different plan or not doing autopay, price varies. (source

5) It's not a collection flag, it's a differed payment. Verizon gave customers a month of service uninterrupted for Covid relief n exchange to to split up that month over 6 small payments on top of your regular bill.

Chat reps are the worst in terms of customer service. Store reps are sales drones that only care for commission. CS over the phone are swamped with endless calls which is why it takes someone with a real problem forever to get through.

Re: Need help from a Verizon Rep

Thank you for your reply. I am just following up with some thoughts so I can forward this thread to whichever rep ends up helping me resolve these problems. 

1. Thanks, Verizon should credit my account for the price difference because it was the company's error.

2. Not so easy when the device payment in question is on the line that was moved to its own island, but after 30 days it should hopefully be nbd.

3. 411 calls all free for individuals with disabilities and medical documentation. Verizon provided me with the forms to fill out and I was informed that I would not have to pay on that particular line. This one really grinds my gears because I requested that this feature be removed from that line altogether to avoid these ridiculous charges, only to pay for parental controls that didn't even work. 

4. I was in a store and was told what the price was by a rep. I guess it is my fault for not assuming I was going to be swindled. The pricing was misrepresented to me and that is not cool. 

5. The MyVerizon app flagged my account as being in collections, regardless of the deferred payments. Whenever I try to connect to a chat rep I get a message "Oh, we see your account has been flagged for collections. Please call..." 

I have been a Verizon customer for over a decade and am pretty disappointed in the direction the company is taking. They seem to hire fewer and fewer people to take care of customer issues, while increasingly relying on their infuriating automated system which is more likely to drive consumers to their competition than offer any convenience. If anyone has corporate contact information for a customer service exec -- a direct line, email address or mailing address will do -- that would be immensely helpful.